How To Sell SOA to Your Business

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To most people outside of IT, SOA is really dull. I hear business people talk about it as ‘hype’ and an ‘excuse’ to delay work. Well that might be true in some cases. But I think it is more likely because of a lack of understanding and appreciation of the potential upside.

I recently wrote about the kind of leadership organizations need to get SOA initiatives off the ground and implemented, but I didn’t cover the initial selling process in any detail. Perhaps selling is to strong a word as it isn’t a transaction, but I guess there is a need to build a campaign that is essentially a burst of energy towards gaining buy-in.

So I found this article on the SOAInstitute site which discusses the difficulty of securing buy-in. I won’t spoil the end for you but John Moe’s advice concludes in a similar way to my article on How to Successfully Share Your Vision for IT.

If any of you folks have a story on your experience with SOA, then please share it!

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