Building Confidence by Public Speaking

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One of the toughest things I have done in my career is to stand in front of an audience and speak. Not just speak but speak without wobbles, losing my place in my rehearsed patter, or sweating profusely. Is this familiar to you?

Presentation skills are a valuable asset. Particularly in the business context where a bad presentation can be a deal-breaker. Conversely a good presentation, and presentation style, can be good for your profile and personal brand in your workplace.

Public speaking is a great confidence builder.

Thankfully I conquered my fear, and what it has done is given me more confidence in the every-day. Why? Well I found that getting confident in public speaking helped me improve my memory, think quickly on my feet (figuratively and specifically!), speaking articulately and overcoming the fear of failure. The last point is the most important… because everyone fails at some point but the fear of failure is more deblitating than the failure itself, in this context.So how did I do it? I read a book on it (see below). But I also practised by putting myself in situations where I was forced to speak publically. At first I blundered (fantastically once), but each time it got better and better. It really is a case of practise makes perfect.

Here is another website about motivational speaking.

I’m not here to push product, but I would like to recommend this book to you as it is what helped me become a better speaker. This book was written way back, I think in the 1940’s, but everything it discusses applies today – it’s stood the test of time. And it is such good value, you can’t lose.

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2 thoughts on “Building Confidence by Public Speaking”

  1. Paul Piotrowski

    Very cool. I read his book “How to Win Friends and Influence People” and it totally changed the way I look at personal relationships with people. I’ll have to pick this one up as well to help me with my public speaking.

    Thanks for the suggestion.

  2. Hi Paul – yes the “How to Win Friends and Influence People” book is enlightening, and surprisingly fresh (except maybe some of the language used) for a book which hails from the early part of the last century. This book too retains the freshness

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