Tips on Improving Productivity in the Office

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Your business is far more likely to thrive when you have staff working to the best of their ability and being as productive as they can be.  That’s why you need to create a workplace that’s conducive to that kind of atmosphere.  Here we give you some tips on how you can improve productivity in the workplace and improve profitability.

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Create a Minimalist Environment

When there is lots of clutter around it can lead to a less productive workplace. Your team will always be trying to find something which in general can cause unnecessary stress, and even just the thought of the mess surrounding them can put them in a frame of mind that isn’t conducive to a working environment.  Make sure you do a big clear out and get rid of anything you don’t need.  You can use a junk removal company to take away any added stress for you.  As part of their service, they will also take care of any health and safety issues relating to the kind of waste you are disposing of.

Use Collaborative Business Tools

There are some great collaborative tools that you can use that would allow your team to communicate more effectively together.  You can make use of the likes of Office 365 for your email management so you can have shared mailboxes – and you can use project management software such as Trello to track what teams are doing, and clean out processes should you spot any bottlenecks.

Have Team Days

Team days are great for many reasons.  For one, they promote getting to know one another in different teams which can help people collaborate with each other a little better.  It also boosts morale and gives your team a much-needed break. They will then come back feeling refreshed and much more productive.

Give them Employee Perks

Employee perks are a great way to make employees feel more valued – which makes them work harder. You should always think carefully about the perks that you choose, like considering mobile massage for employees. Health insurance is always a good one – as it’s beneficial for the company and the employee. It usually would result in less sick days – and also ensures that you have a happy and healthy workforce.

Have Regular Staff Appraisals

Staff appraisals are vital, and meetings that you should never cancel.  This allows you to evaluate their performance and discuss with them what you think could be improved.  It could be that they require further training in their role, that they would like to upskill – or even that they have ideas to improve certain processes within their department.  Ideally you should be doing these periodically – around every six months and allow time for both parties to prepare for it.

If you are looking to improve the productivity levels in your office, then make sure you try some of the above tips to get your team working to the best of their ability.

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