The Top Tips for Getting a Job in Sales

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Are you looking to get a job in sales, but aren’t quite sure how to break into the industry? Whether you’re fresh out of college or looking for a career change, a job in sales is a great idea. 

The great thing about sales is that there is no specific background you need to become an excellent salesperson. Some of the best salesmen are high school graduates without a college degree, and some are people with PhDs who simply wanted a career change. 

So, if there’s no specific path to follow to become a salesperson, how do you land a job in this industry?

Check out this guide to discover the top tips for landing a job in sales. 

1. Understand the Tools and Metrics You’ll Need for the Job 

A lot of job candidates for sales positions walk into their interviews, ready to talk about their hustle and how great they are with people. 

While having the right drive and charisma is important for becoming a successful salesperson, it certainly isn’t everything. To be a successful salesperson, you’ll also understand the different sales engagement and sales enablement tools. 

You’ll also need to learn how to create a sales funnel, as well as the components of sales analysis. And, you’ll need to understand how you’ll be evaluated in your role as a salesperson according to portfolio values, quotas, and qualified meetings. 

If this all sounds foreign to you, we suggest going down the Google rabbit-hole and learning about the different tools and metrics used in the sales world before heading to your interview. 

Don’t worry about learning every tool inside and out. Interviewers will likely be impressed with your initiative to learn about the current sales world, especially if you’re coming in as an outsider. 

2. Think About the Products and Services You’re Passionate About 

It’s a lot easier to be a great salesperson if you’re trying to sell a product or service that you’re truly passionate about. 

And, it’s a lot easier to land a job in sales if you’re passionate about the product or service the company sells. So, before you begin applying for jobs, think about the different things you are passionate about. Chances are, there’s a sales position out there that aligns with your passions. 

For example, if you’re a teacher who is passionate about education but looking for a career switch, you may want to consider a career selling educational software to schools. 

The more you can align your interests with the product being sold, the more attractive you’ll be to employers. 

3. Learn How to Articulate Your Value 

When you walk into an interview for a sales job, it’s not enough to say that you’re a great candidate for the job because you love sales and working with people. Newsflash: every candidate is going to say that. To differentiate yourself from the pack, you need to show recruiters how you can add value to their company. 

To prove your value, you’ll need to take time to learn the company’s story. You should learn about their products, clients, needs as a company, and why they’re hiring for this specific role. 

This way, when you walk into the interview, you can say, “I know you’re hiring for this position because of X, Y, and Z. I’m the person who can accomplish A, B, and C in order to help you reach your goals”. 

By being extremely clear about the specific value you can add to a company, you’ll be much more likely to get hired. 

By following these tips, it’ll be much easier for you to land your dream job in sales! Comment below if you have any questions or comments about these tips.

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