Simple Tips to Improve Your Commute to Work

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People are now commuting to their workplace more regularly as mandatory working from home begins to ease off. Commuting to and from your office each morning and evening can be draining and demotivating, mainly if it takes longer than 20 minutes. These simple tips will help you make the most out of your commute and hopefully find some enjoyment from it.

Take public transport

Although driving to work may seem more convenient on the face of things, catching the bus or the train will free up your time to either sit back and relax or get on with a work-related task to increase productivity. For example, you could send those morning emails from your laptop on the train. If you are using a company laptop, managed IT services will set up your technology to support business success.

Drive when you need space

Suppose you are feeling overwhelmed, it may be a good idea to drive to work. That way, you will avoid the daily commuter crowd and can relax in your own space. Driving can be a therapeutic activity as it encourages you to focus on your current state rather than get distracted by any worries. Bear in mind that traffic jams could add to your stress, so plan to leave earlier.

Leave earlier than you need to

Leaving earlier in the morning will reduce commute-related stress because you will have ample time to handle a late train or traffic jam. The commute will likely be quieter if you leave before rush hour, and you will have time to grab a coffee and settle in once you get to work.

Listen to an upbeat playlist or podcast 

Listening to upbeat songs or a positive podcast to greet the day will help foster a happier mindset. It does not have to be an over-the-top comedy unless you want it to be! A study found that people who intentionally listened to upbeat tunes improved their mood overall within two weeks.

Practise mindfulness

While driving or taking public transport, instead of letting your mind race with thoughts of the day ahead, you could try to meditate or focus on something in the present. That way, you won’t tie yourself in knots before the day has begun and can enter work with a calmer attitude. Likewise, while traveling home, make an effort to let go of the day by staying present.

Clean your car

Traveling in a clean and fresh-smelling vehicle will create a more harmonious environment. Just like a tidy room leads to a tidy mind, cleaning your car will communicate to your brain a sense of self-worth and appreciation.

Walk or cycle to work

If your workplace is relatively close by, you could tie in your daily exercise with your commute. Walking or cycling to work is by far the healthiest option for your mind and body. Exercise releases endorphins which are the body’s natural painkillers and mood elevators. Plus, the fresh air will equip you with a clearer perspective before you begin work and help you wind down once you finish.

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