Money Never Sleeps: How To Market In-Store

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Marketing is one of the pillars of success in the industry. So, businesses around the globe spend a fortune on online and offline advertising techniques. In fact, the number is around 7 to 8% of gross revenue, which equates to thousands of pounds. However, the reality might be that you are not doing enough to maximise your marketing effort. After all, advertising doesn’t stop just because it isn’t on a website or a billboard. To cover every base, you have to exploit every opportunity available. With that in mind, below are the steps to marketing in-store if you have one.

Update The Packaging

Humans are like magpies – they see something shiny and colourful and want it put in their basket. As such, it is essential that the products are alluring when they are on the shelf. Not only will this make them want to make a purchase, but it will also keep the brand in their mind. A great way to do this is to invest in stand up pouches. These bags are big and in your face and have plenty of room for slogans and jingles. Another good tip is to replace any items with packaging which looks old and tired as it is a bad representation.

Get Them At The Checkout

When people shop, they tend to have the items they want in their heads. Therefore, it is hard to break their concentration as they will find what they want and go to the checkout. But, the point of sale is when they are at their weakest. Psychologically, the customer is ready to make a sale, so buying an item is not a problem. Your job is to pounce on their mindset by placing ‘insignificant’ items nearer your POS. Supermarkets do this perfectly by putting confectionery near the tills. Because the price is low, it tempts the customer into another sale.

Pique Their Interest

You are never going to market your products if you can’t get their attention. The good news is that people have certain traits which are easy to manipulate. The main one is their penchant for video content and TV screens. When a television is on and in a person’s eye line, they can’t help but watch. If the shop places TVs strategically, there is a better chance the customers will notice. All you have to do then is put up notifications of deals and promotions and where to find them.

Visual Merchandising

Putting information in the window is one way to sell your products visually. Then, anyone walking past should glance in the window and digest the promotion. One way to take this further is to advertise in-store visually. Are you a clothes shop? Do you have a brand or a logo? If the answer is yes, you can tell your employees to wear the clothes the stores sell or provide uniforms with a logo. Kitting employees with clothes is an excellent choice because it shows the customer how it will look on a person.

As you can see, just because the customer is in-store doesn’t mean you have won.

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