Four Reasons Freelancing is Here to Stay

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It’s safe to say that finding a job isn’t always easy, particularly one that you’re passionate about. In between salaries disputes and inflexible schedules, freelancing has become more appealing than ever. During the height of the pandemic, remote work became the norm. Businesses that never even contemplated a work-from-home model quickly implemented one and carried on the best they could. 

But even as things started to open up, more and more people realized that they didn’t really need to spend the majority of their life sitting in an office. They could do their job remotely and have more time to do the things they enjoy. If you’re someone who’s decided the freelance life is for you, or are still indecisive, here are four reasons why working freelance the best career move you’ll ever make.

Improved Work-Life Balance

While we all need to make a living but commuting for hours each day is off the table. Most people spend at least an hour or more each day going to and from work. This alone causes undue stress and also sets the stage of how your day will go. When the commute is easy, your day goes smoothly and you might think it’s not so bad. However, being stuck in traffic or trapped in the subway is another story. It puts you in a completely different headspace and is one of the main causes of stress in and out of the office.

Freedom to Work from Anywhere

In addition to gaining hours of free time, you can also work from just about anywhere. Freelancing gives workers a newfound freedom they previously lacked. Now, you can Zoom on the go and still be as productive as when you were sitting in a cubicle. And while some still think not being in the office decreases productivity, working freelance can actually be more productive day to day. When stress levels are lower, we naturally feel inclined to do more.

Increased Earning Potential

Even high-paying positions may have a cap. Simply put, there may be a limit on how much you can earn. Being a freelancer puts you in the driver’s seat, which means you can set your rates as high as you want, usually quite higher than the traditional 9-to-5 annual salary. And if you choose to earn your MBA in your chosen field, you can earn even more. Having your MBA shows you’re dedicated to the field and can provide top quality results, regardless of niche. The best part is you don’t need to go the traditional funding route. You can apply for a student a loan through a private lender, have access to better repayment options and usually lower interest rates overall.

Unlimited Growth Potential

In addition to a higher annual salary, you also have unlimited growth potential working freelance. For instance, even if you’re an expert in marketing, maybe you also love creative writing. As a freelancer, you can dabble in both without taking away from your primary source of income. Once you identify your career goals you can bounce around between industries to make them happen. Unlike traditional work where moving roles or industries usually requires a much lengthier process.

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