3 Hobbies You Can Transform Into Full-Time Careers

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Is there anything better than actually enjoying your job? Some of you might not even be able to answer that as you’ve never known the feeling! Life is so much more enjoyable when you pursue a career that you love. Most people tend to settle for any job they can find, which often leads them down the route of feeling depressed and hating their work.

So, what if I said that you could have a full-time career if you started pursuing a hobby seriously? We all have hobbies, and here are a few examples of some that transform into full-blown jobs:


DIY is probably one of the most popular hobbies in the world. What’s more, it’s an easy one to turn into a career. Instead of doing handiwork around your house, get paid by other people to do things for them. You can start off small and just do little jobs like painting walls, fixing door hinges, and so on. Then, you can get bigger and start doing larger-scale things like building a wall or a shed for someone. The great thing is, you don’t need any qualifications to turn your DIY hobby into a job; you just need skills. Obviously, you need equipment too, and there are plenty of service trucks for sale that are ideal for people starting a DIY/construction business. Then, you can either rent or buy different DIY tools as well, and you’re good to go. If you provide an excellent service, then word will spread, and you’ll start to find more and more clients.


This is a hobby for the modern generation of millennials out there. Many of you love playing video games, so why not make a career out of it? There are many routes you can go down here, one of which is to try and become a pro-gamer (though this is reserved for the highly talented people only). Alternatively, you could set up your own YouTube gaming channel and post videos of yourself playing games. Streaming services like Twitch are popular these days as well – this is where you live-stream yourself playing games, and people watch. The older generation may find this very weird, but gaming is definitely a career you can pursue nowadays. If this has enticed you to start a gaming career, be sure to get the best equipment like a Razer gaming mouse for instance. This is similar to investing in yourself as you’ll definitely need the very best tools to succeed.


Lastly, I’m going to talk about two classic hobbies; reading and writing. Those of you that enjoy reading can quickly turn this into a full-time career. For example, why don’t you start a blog where you review different books or at least open a discussion about the ones you’re reading. This is also where writing comes into play as blogging is a great way to turn your love for writing into a well-paid job. Bloggers are earning five/six-figure sums per year these days, this shows you how serious a career move this could be.

The moral of this article is that you don’t have to be unhappy in your job. On the contrary, you can love your job if you decide to make a career out of your hobbies. There are other ones I haven’t had time to mention too like gardening, drawing, coding; the list is endless. If you’re stuck when looking for a career, then think about what you enjoy doing and take it from there.

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