10 Subtle Ways of Standing Out at a Job Interview

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The interview is the last step between you and your dream job. Countless applicants have applied for the job, but there is only one position available. You need interviewing skills which make you shine above the competition. Here are 10 subtle ways to make yourself stand out above the other applicants.

1. Be well rounded – Interviewers want the best fit for their organization. They do not necessarily want someone who is book smart and street stupid. When asked, talk about the organizations with which you’ve been involved or your passion for music. Let the interviewer know that you are not merely a technically proficient one trick pony.

2. Be contemplative – Your mistakes are learning experiences. Bring those experiences to the interviewing table by showing that you have a grasp of the larger picture. You might be asked about your experience with problem solving. Take that opportunity to show your interviewer that you can think AND take action.

3. Be aware – Learn about the company’s strengths and weaknesses and focus on how you will make a great fit. Find out what you can about the person interviewing you. If you know that they have a LinkedIn page that lists their interests, look for the common interests that you share. You might find a friend as well as a job.

4. Be passionate – The passion that you show in the interview is infectious. Be excited about the company for which you will be working. Since you have done your research, display the delight in their newest program or initiative. That delight with your future job should permeate your entire being.

5. Relax – Interviewing for a new position can be one of the most stressful events of your life. Relax and take a deep breath. When you are at ease with the interviewer, that calmness will spread throughout the room. When you possess a quiet confidence, you are instilling confidence in your interviewer.

6. Find out when they will know – Show your eagerness by asking when you will be approved for the position. Asking questions is important, and you want to have that passion for receiving the privilege of working for your company. The other thing that asking for a time frame does is allow you to get insight on the others within the process.

7. Use the interviewer’s name – While you are in conversation, take the initiative by using your interviewer’s name. It signifies that you took the time to remember it, as well as subtly inflates the person’s ego. The same rules apply for group interviews. They last longer so you will have more opportunities to use individual’s names.

8. Be thankful – Say ‘thank you’ to your interviewer in the beginning, middle and end of the interview. This will establish you from the angle of gratitude for the position. You are meeting the strangers who will possibly become your peers and your management staff, be thankful for the opportunity.

9. Exemplify and use words from the job listing – A company will quite often ‘show their hand’ with the job listing. The interviewer may touch on the qualities for which they are looking, but you need to completely demonstrate these traits. Usually the interviewer will allow you to highlight your best traits during the interview.

10. Wear something unique – Dress professionally, but give your interviewer a talking point. You might have a pin that you can wear. You might have some flair that you can add to your glasses. Do not be gaudy, but let the interviewer notice the item that you are wearing and ask questions. This opens the door to let you gain more insight into the company.

There may be people more qualified, but the interviewer will choose the person who is the best fit for their company. They will pick the person with whom they feel the most comfortable. Your job during an interview is to convey the message that the company is portraying and to make the interviewer feel at ease.

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