Why Do People Become Nurses? 4 Awesome Reasons

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There over 2.8 million registered nurses in the United States. This makes nursing one of the most populated professions in the country.

Yet, nurses don’t have it all rosy. From working long hours to facing workplace violence, dealing with occupational hazards, and putting up with inadequate compensation, nurses face several challenges at work. It’s no wonder a recent study established that over 40 percent of nurses above 30 experience burn out.

But with such glaring challenges, why do people become nurses? Why is it that millions of young people across the country still aspire to join this profession?

We know why. Keep reading to learn more.

  1. A Deep Passion to Help People

At its core, nursing is all about helping people. Nurses don’t just help to treat sick people, they offer comfort, empathy, and compassion to patients and their loved ones.

If you’re deeply passionate about helping other people and making a difference in their lives, nursing is the one career that will give you the opportunity to touch lives. When all you care about is helping others, it won’t matter how long your shifts will be. All that matters is you’ll be doing what you love.

  1. There Are Multiple Paths to a Nursing Career

There are no less than three ways to become a registered nurse.

You could get started by pursuing an approved nursing diploma, an associate’s degree in nursing, or a bachelor’s degree in nursing.

It all depends on your qualifications. For instance, if you’re unable to secure admission to a BSN degree after high school, then you can pursue a diploma and study your way up. There are RN-to-BSN programs that enable nurses who hold a diploma or associate degree to earn a bachelor’s degree and enhance their compensation prospects.

What’s more, you don’t have to wait until you’re a registered nurse to starting earning. There are nursing student jobs that you can do.

  1. Strong Job Prospects

You don’t want to graduate from nursing school and spend several weeks or months hunting for a job, right?

The good news is most nurses get hired as soon as they obtain the get licensed to practice in their states. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of nurses will grow 12 percent through the next decade. The average growth for all occupations is just 5 percent.

This strong demand for nurses is largely driven by the high number of aging baby boomers who need healthcare. Even younger Americans are becoming more health-conscious, further increasing the number of people who need healthcare services.

  1. You Can Specialize

What comes to mind when you think of a nurse?

If you’re like most people, you see a professional who works across several healthcare departments. Basically, anywhere they’re needed.

However, this isn’t always the case. As a nurse, you can choose a specialty that suits your interests. For instance, if you’re passionate about kids, you can become a pediatric nurse. Or if you want to work away from typical healthcare settings, you can become a health policy nurse.

Why Do People Become Nurses? Now You Know

If you were wondering why do people become nurses, you now know why. Although the profession has its downsides, it’s clear the upsides are worth it. And these aren’t the only reasons people choose to pursue this profession. There are many more.

Start your journey toward a nursing career today and keep reading our blog for more career insights.

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