What Makes A Good Office Location?

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Your business’ office could be considered the main hub of your company. Sure, you’ve got a storefront or a warehouse or simply an online portal to sell through, but the office is where the deals are made and the customer service is administered. And due to this crucial fact, the location of your office needs to have plenty of benefits to it, to ensure it’s a viable place to work. 

A good office location has a lot of physical factors to it, and we’re going to go through the top three below. So, if you’re currently on the lookout for a new place to set up your business, make sure your proposed new space ticks all of these boxes. 

Local Prices

Of course, the first factor you’re going to take into consideration is the cost of your proposed office space solutions. Don’t just look at the cost of the office you’re interested in, but take a look at the cost of all the offices in the same area – what is the local average? Because you may be getting a raw deal here! 

At the same time, it’s important to know the price of legal and/or hidden costs in your new area too. For example, what are the insurance rates round here? What about utility costs? And finally, never forget the fees of the agency or vendor you’re buying or renting through – they could be sky high if you’re moving into a prime location. 


Your new office location needs to be accessible from the road. It needs to have multiple points of entry, and not only that, but the ability to accommodate for needs of disabled visitors as well. If you don’t have room for a ramp outside, or there’s no lifts indoors, you may want to reconsider. 

Similarly, you’re going to want plenty of road parking, if there’s no private car park a visitor can use. And seeing as you’re going to be moving your whole company here, if you can’t fit an Assist Hire vehicle into the parking outlines on the curb outside, it might be best to find somewhere more suited to your needs. 


Discover office space solutions and choose one that’s suitable for your business. For instance, buildings with shared conference rooms, kitchens, and other communal areas can provide the amenities you need without the permanent space commitment and cost. This offers networking opportunities with other businesses. 

The best office locations offer a range of office sizes or have adjoining units available to expand physically within the same building if necessary. This reduces the disruption associated with moving to a new location. Moreover, shorter lease terms with renewal options allow you to adapt to the growth or downsizing of your company without being locked into a long-term commitment that might not suit your future needs.


A good office location supports various collaborative technologies. This could include spaces with built-in video conferencing facilities, smart boards, and shared digital workspaces. These technologies facilitate better teamwork and can support a hybrid work model where employees split their time between home and the office.

In addition to technological integration, a collaborative office environment fosters an open and flexible workspace design that encourages interaction and brainstorming among team members. Use adjustable and movable furniture to create dynamic meeting areas or quiet zones as needed. Providing spaces for both informal gatherings and formal meetings enhances creativity and communication within teams, effectively blending the benefits of face-to-face engagement with the flexibility that hybrid models require.


You want your business to grow over time, and you want it to have the necessary space to do so, without needing to move again. So, when you’re about to make a deal on a new location, make sure it has the room for growth. You don’t want to be making big and expensive renovations in the near future; you want to have the room already available, and just sitting pretty, waiting for you to do something with it. Making that call now could save you thousands down the line. 

A good office location has a lot of factors to it, but the main ones are price, location, and room for expansion. Make sure you keep all of the above in mind if you’re currently searching for a new place to work – make sure the deal is good!

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