What is Commissioning Management?

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Commissioning management has been quite useful when it comes to verifying the accuracy of instrumentation, producing machines and electrical equipment, and also constructing an industrial facility entirely. It assures that the entire system and all the components of an industrial plant or building are created, operated, and maintained in accordance with what the client needs. Commissioning management professionals often use the CORS—commissioning and operational readiness system—an IT tool used for effective planning and monitoring of commissioning activities. Commissioning has also been crucial in bringing down frustration, costs, and time spent on the optimization of building performance. If a building is to be commissioned, it means that the structure has to be examined for quality assurance to make sure that it operates optimally.

Importance of commissioning management

Some economic benefits are usually associated with the quality assurance process of commissioning management. Anyone who has invested in real estate or the commercial building industry has benefited from commissioning management, as it can reduce costs on technology and equipment.

To owners of buildings and facility managers

Keeping facilities operating smoothly has always been the priority of building owners and managers. It should be noted that operating smoothly is not the same as an efficient operation. Commissioning management helps to identify inefficiencies and also to come up with a solution to curb rising waste. Pinpointing these inefficiencies allows facility owners to invest in solutions. Any building that has been commissioned will for sure reduce its energy usage and will also be able to operate efficiently. This will help owners to:

  1. Bring down utility costs by allowing energy savings
  2. Boost the functionality of the building system
  3. Raise the operation and maintenance of the facility
  4. Extend the lifespan of equipment

To real estate

In real estate, the building has to be appealing to attract investors and also occupants. Usually, occupants prefer the facility to be comfortable while investors would like the occupant of the building to be happy and also the performance of the building to be cost-effective. This is where commissioning comes into play, as it affects both the occupant and the investor. It helps to identify specific areas in the building performance that require an improvement to maintain the comfort levels that the occupant needs.

Efficient energy utilization and operation

People are investing in more green technology to save costs. Expenses incurred as upfront costs are essential in saving expenses related to energy. For instance, the installation of a solar power system can cost you hundreds of thousands. If you want to boost the energy efficiency and also reduce costs, spending some money on the newest technology becomes an option. Commissioning can help you with efficient energy utilization and building operation at a lower cost. Commissioning can be utiliszd to focus on specific areas of the building that require optimization. This, in turn, will improve the efficiency of your building and at the same time bring down the costs involved.

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