The Importance Of Workplace Diversity

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Diversity in the work environment is vital for a flourishing business, as it empowers inventiveness and advancement. This is because every colleague and representative – from administration to frontline – bring their unique experiences and views to the table. This has given rise to several platforms like Ezra Coaching, which provides leadership initiatives into the digital age. It therefore comes as no surprise that big industry players like Facebook, Google, and Twitter have publicly admitted to the lack of diversity in their firms. They are now paying more attention and formulating plans to increase recruitment efforts in this regard. 

In the past, launching a democratic coaching business required a distinctive delivery, but that is no longer the case as several players join the industry. This has increased the need for sustaining workplace diversity, which effectively fosters learning and development through day-to-day discussions and relationships. 

Issues with diversity, particularly concerning the treatment of women and minorities in the workplace, rose to prominence in 2018. Details published by the Guardian exposed a decrease in organization directors from ethnic minorities. That same year, only 84 director’s positions out of 1048 in the top 100 firms on the London Stock Exchange were occupied by women and persons from ethnic minority backgrounds. The figure suggested a decline from 2017’s number of 85. 

It is not late to move forward with diversity within the workplace. Check out the infographic to explore the numerous advantages of workplace diversity and gain valuable insights to help your business. 

Infographic Design By Ezra Coaching

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