My $1million 2015 New Year’s Resolution

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Happy New Year! This year, I have a New Year’s Resolution, and it’s a big one for me: I will listen to, and then ignore, all my self-limiting beliefs, in order to earn over $1m by Dec 31.

I don’t know how I am going to achieve the earnings figure yet, but I do know that I must cast aside the shackles I place on my own ankles which prevent me from earning that figure.

So often, I hold back from pursuing something risky, or different, or courageous, and then to find out I could have aced it. And I’ve also discovered that when I have bit the bullet, it wasn’t as painful as I perceived. Do you experience this too?

2014 was a very frustrating year for me as I know I could have taken more calculated risks and been much bolder to reap the rewards. Not any more. I’m done with that.

And it starts by telling YOU about it! A sure fire way of giving yourself the motivation to achieve something is to tell the world that you will.

It could be so easy just to go back as it was before…

We can all make plans. And then fail to execute on them. Often, we lack commitment to action. What we set out to achieve becomes too difficult, so we stop trying and stay as we are.

But not this time. I know what holds me back – and that’s myself. I will tell myself to go to hell when I tell myself I should stop trying. I can’t pretend those inner-voices aren’t there, but I can listen to them and then ignore them.

It will be painful. I will have to put myself into situations that I never thought I would find myself in. But no pain – no gain, right?

Celebrating New Year's
Celebrating New Year’s

I need a stretching target…

My resolution could have been ‘I will listen to, and then ignore, all my self-limiting beliefs’ – and left it there.


I need a target to aim – a goal to reach. Otherwise I’ll begin to question the value of going through the pain. I know that earning $1m this year is possible. So why shouldn’t I go for it?

And I need a coach…

I need a coach to help me through the tough times, just like I help others through their tough times. Having someone with me to achieve my goals will not just be supportive, but also hold me to account. Luckily, my friend and coach Phil is just the guy.

Phil will be there when self-doubt starts to creep in, and remind me why I have to overcome it. He’ll be my crutch when I need a hand, and tell me straight if I appear to be wavering.

This is something I need, and if you’re going through personal change or have taken on stretching objectives, then you could consider using a personal coach too.

I’m really excited about the journey I have just started. I will keep you up-to-date with my progress. Please join my newsletter to get regular updates.

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