Looks DO Matter! And here’s why

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When you open your own office doors and have some actual premises for your business, you will be overwhelmed with work to do on the actual building. Your company needs to make an impression and if there’s anything that’s true in the business world, it’s that impressions mean a lot! The clients and customers that cross your threshold are going to gain an opinion of you at face value. So, if your office is shabby, outdated and falling apart, they’re going to believe that your business is the same even if that’s not the case.

The key to ensuring that people have the right impression of you as a business is to suit up, smarten up and make sure your office space is modern and minimalist. That means getting the best ergonomic office chairs, colour matching with your brand and logo and being present in the office. You need to bring an interior designer to plan your office for you so that you can be sure that the way your company is facing the world is that of a strong leader. It’s never nice to say that looks matter, but when it comes to the way people see your company, you need to dress to impress and that includes the office space.

When you call in the interior decorator to get your office up to scratch, you should also start researching recycling and cleaning companies. As an office, you’re going to have less paperwork than there used to be given that most companies lean toward being greener than ever. However, it’s inevitable that you will have some sensitive documentation to deal with. Bringing in a recycling company to shred those documents on a regular basis is something you can announce to people so that they know that your company is one that is green and eco-friendly.

Looking for a cleaning company that is professional and affordable is also important for the way you want to look to the world. A professional office is one that is primed and polished to perfection. Desks should remain uncluttered where possible, especially in a client or customer facing environment, so ensure that you invest in furniture and filing cabinets for good storage. You want to reflect your company ethos. To make your office look fresh, add in some greenery. Most offices don’t think about how much glass and chrome makes an office look bland. Sure, it’s modern and new, but without a splash or two of colour it’s just not as friendly to people. Adding potted plants in communal areas can give your office a whole new look.

Lastly, speak to your ICT team about the wiring in the office. Every time you install new computers, you need to be thinking about hiding those wires so that they are neither a safety hazard or unsightly. Computers come with a lot of wiring, as do the main servers, but nothing says they have to be on display. Your office should be your place to shine – so take care of how it looks!

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