How to stop procrastination at work

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We are all familiarized with the word “procrastination” and if you feel twinge reading this, it might mean you need to change something about that. You have a deadline approaching and instead of doing your work, you are distracted with your phone, social media, memes or videos. The fact you know you should be working doesn’t make you feel any better. However, you choose to be doing miscellaneous things. Do you recognize yourself in these behaviors? If so, I might have some tips to help you focus and stop being a professional procrastinator.

Is the task you have been working on too overwhelming or you find it boring, but you can’t run away from it? Let’s face it step by step. Break down the task in simple ones and prior some outlines. In the example of you needing to write a report, make some scheme about it. What are you starting with, what are the main topics to highlight, procedures, conclusions. Focus in one detail at a time and try to relate it as a progressing scale. Don’t let pressure fall on you and write each chapter calmly and consciously. When you focus on the immediate, all seems under control and easier.

Where do you usually work? The space you have been using to accomplish your tasks might as well affect your productivity. If you work in a messy table that makes you want to sleep and leave your job you might want to rethink what you can do to make the space more enjoyable. If you usually work at home, you might find it easier to get distracted, either because you are feeling hungry, or you have some house task to finish. Try to schedule your office time and let no one or anything disrupt you. If it doesn’t work, you can always go to a pleasant café places or library, where you can also find some other people working. This might be the motivation you need. Change your working environmentto boost your energy.

Don’t get illusional about the spacious deadlines you have. If you only have one to keep it might feel you have plenty of time to work on it and that will result in procrastination. The false feeling of “I have time” is an enemy to finish your obligations. Write down goals and several deadlines so you keep track on your work. Break down the project and schedule each day a different task. You can split the tasks by day, week or month. Make sure you don’t let procrastination pit-stops get in your way.

You must be well prepared to face the excuses you will bring up to yourself. Don’t over complicate because of the many reasons “you can’t do something right now”.Focus on the ones that “you have to do right now”. If you are always waiting for the “perfect timing” to do something… well, that time might never come.

Surround yourself with inspiring people that trigger you to work. Having someone whose goals are serious and hard-working makes it easier for you to also seek for achievements. Seeing living proof of success and of an exemplar worker is a virtuous motivation. Imagine yourself surrounded by a football team, where all performance matters as just one. You must be leader of yourself to keep up the confidence in others and in your own effort. If you are in a field with inspiring people, you won’t be the one failing others’ expectation.

Think every time, in each commitment you take, about your personal growth. Although you are an employee working for someone else, you should remember that you are becoming better and better in each completed task. If you don’t succeed perfectly in one task, you will learn by trying all over and receiving positive or constructive feedback from your client or boss. You are improving yourself as a person, a professional. You can only get better if you don’t give up on yourself and on your skills. So, whenever you feel the lack of motivation hitting on you, don’t let the procrastination be the path. Turn down for another road and prove to others, but above all, to yourself, that you are a trustworthy person and a committed hard-working expert.

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  1. It’s really the best to surround yourself with inspiring people and stay away from lazy and negative people that may affect your productivity.

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