How To Protect Your Business’ Data

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In the period between 2014 and 2016, 638 million ransomware attacks were reported to have occurred, and in 2017 these rose by 250 percent. With hackers coming up with more sophisticated ways of gaining access to our computers and data, it is not surprising to see millions of businesses around the world seeking help in order to protect themselves against attacks.

If you own a business and would like to know how you could protect your customers’ data in a more efficient way, the below lines will provide you with some guidance as to how to do this. Being protected doesn’t need to cost you loads of money nor take a lot of your time, you just need to be familiar with what needs to be done in order for your business to be able to better protect its clients’ information.

Here’s how.

Protect your data with Infrascale disaster recovery

Your customers’ data is of key importance to your business. Your clients have been with you ever since your company was established and they trusted you with documents that are extremely private and sensitive. If you want to ensure your company keeps being a leader in its field in your region, you must make sure you protect your clients’ documents adequately. One way of doing this is by ensuring you protect your data with Infrascale disaster recovery. Infrascale helps you quickly recover operations in the wake of a ransomware attack by restoring a clean, uninfected version of your systems. This is usually done in 15 minutes or less, and it will help you protect all your data, not just parts of it. This includes physical and virtual servers, desktops, laptops, mobile phones and even your cloud data.

Invest in a good antivirus system

The internet is full of free antivirus systems which you could download, but it is still advisable for you to purchase one rather than attain it for free. This is because paid-for antiviruses offer enhanced protection that a free one won’t be able to supply, and the latter will usually be a demo of the full-featured version. Download the demos if you would like to test and try different antivirus systems, but don’t neglect paying for one if you would like for this to offer robust security to your PCs and laptops.

Password protect your network connection

If you are worried about the security of your network and as a result, the easy accessibility to your and your customers’ data, you need to put a plan in place in order to protect these. Ransomware attacks have increased massively in recent years, and businesses and individuals are both investing more significant amounts of money and time in preventing their data from being accessed. If you too have concerns about the security of your network connection, password protect it so that this cannot be accessed by unwelcome parties.

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