How To Best Prepare Yourself For a Career Change

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There are many aspects that are essential to ensuring you have are in the right mental space to apply for and successfully seek a change in your working profession. By working on these aspects collectively, you can ensure you are in the best place to look forward and increase your job prospects.


The first step in ensuring you are in the best place possible to look forward in terms of job prospects is by getting organized. This applies to various parts of the process of looking for a job; if you think you may want to change your job role, then ensuring all loose ends are tied up in your current job is essential. Look at the bigger picture to ensure that you understand where you stand with your current role, and further ensure that you really want to go ahead with this lifestyle change.

In terms of applying for jobs, rethink your resume and ensure it has been looked over, rewritten and edited, as chances are you have not looked at it since accepting your current position. Assess your social media pages, if you have any, and update your LinkedIn, for example. This should be done before any job applications are made, because, as soon as you put yourself out there, potential employers can search your name and find you very quickly.

Take Your Time

Just as you did with past applications, take a considerable amount of time on each one to ensure they are the best they can be. This may require a certain amount of discipline, especially if you are heavily involved and busy with your current job. This may mean taking a few weekends to work on job applications, as approaching such a project after a long day at work is probably not the best idea. Taking your time ties in with being organized; you should set out a schedule and be very aware of any deadlines well in advance, so that job applications aren’t rushed, and you miss the perfect opportunity.

Consider temping

If you are looking for a complete change in profession, taking a break from solid work may be the option for you. You could always look for temporary work for a few months to ease off from the constant routine, and consider your options. This particularly applies if you are looking for a complete career change. There is no limit to when you can try a new profession, and temping might give you the right sort of experience to inform you whether or not your sought-after profession is something that would work for you. Temporary work also shows you are taking the initiative to still be proactive despite a career break.

Take a break

If you are making a considerable change in your career, this might be the perfect time to take a step back and take a break from it all. This particularly applies if you have found your current position overwhelming and stressful. You may want to consider taking a particular trip that you have been meaning to book in for years, and have never got round to. You may want to spend some quality time with family or consider starting your own.

Assess your financial status

It may not seem relevant, but assessing your financial status might be an incredibly important step when changing your career. Surprisingly, nowadays many potential employees may look into seeking approval of an applicant to carry out a credit check. This obviously depends on what sort of role you are applying for, but nevertheless, this may be something you may have to consider. In terms of your own credit rating, if you are in need of a credit card, but you yourself have bad credit, find out more about options available to you. Your financial status as a whole is a factor to consider before applying for certain jobs.

Be confident

Making a bold career move at any point in your life can be daunting and overwhelming. However, being confident in your choice and thoroughly understanding and accepting what it entails can ensure you are looking forward with confidence. If asked in an interview situation for reasons why you have decided to change jobs, you will be able to answer with confidence with a thorough understanding yourself of the reasons behind your decision. Being sure of yourself and believing in yourself is half the battle when it comes to any job application process.

Consider your options

Tying into the previous point, ensuring you are confident in your decision is essential for anyone making a big career change. This should, of course, be realized long before you cut any ties with your current job. You may need to ask yourself why you are unsatisfied with your current job and assess and consider less drastic options. You could discuss with your current manager or employer potential options for progress, such as a more senior role, or a promotion if you feel you have outgrown the role. If you are happy with the company or business you are working for, you could simply have an internal problem that could be sorted through a few meetings and by you taking the initiative and drawing attention to the potential issues with your current situation.

Seek advice

Another important action to take if you are considering a career change is to seek advice from others. This could involve talking to loved ones, peers, or even co-workers you trust who may be able to empathize with your situation. You may be having an insular view of your situation, and seeking advice may shed some light on whatever issue or hurdle you are trying to overcome.

Making a career change, no matter where you are at in your career is a big decision. By carefully considering your options and fully understanding what a career change involves, and by taking your time, you can ensure you best prepared as possible to approach a new opportunity with confidence, putting your best foot forward and ensuring you are in the best mindset to have the greatest chance of being successful with whatever your endeavor may be.

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