How Factory Owners Can Improve Their Safety Record

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There’s no denying that manufacturing is one of the best industries to be in these days, but it’s also true that there are downsides. The operational costs can be exceedingly high, and then there’s the whole matter of safety. While the safety and security of the employees should be given top priority in all industries, it’s of extra importance when we’re talking about factory work, because the risks and dangers can be so much more severe. Below, we’re going to take a look at a few essential tips for nudging your factory’s safety in the right direction. 

What Are the Risks?

If you’re going to make your factory safer, then it’ll help if you know what the risks are. While there are some general threats that affect all factories, the bulk of what could disrupt your factory will be unique to your site. So it’s always good practice to make a habit of going through the site and identifying what could cause a safety issue. If you’re not trained in this area, then you can pay for an employee of yours to go on a safety course or hire an outside safety consultant to look at your factory for you. 

Ongoing Training

While you can try to make your site as safe as possible for your employees, in the end, they will also have to assume a level of responsibility when it comes to their safety. Accidents can happen anywhere, but they’re much less likely to happen if the staff has been well-trained. This includes training them for obvious things such as how to use the machinery safely, but also more general things, such as how to lift things correctly, how to communicate well with colleagues, and so on.

Clear and Well-Lit

We can all sense that factories are more dangerous than a usual workplace, but do we ever stop to think why? If we did, we’d see that there’s no mystery why this should be the case. It comes down to two things: there’s a lot of potentially dangerous machinery in factories, and there’s always a lot of stuff. Put these things together, and you have a dangerous environment. As such, it’s important that all walkways are kept clear. You’ll also want to install heavy-duty LED work lights so that your workers can always see exactly where they’re going. Many preventable accidents occur all because an employee tripped over something that they could have seen in better lighting.

Take All Instances Seriously

Try as you might, it’s likely that you’ll still have accidents. But hopefully, these will be very minor instances. Still, even if an accident is minor, it’s important that you’re taking it seriously: there’s a lesson to be learned from every injury. No matter how trivial it might be, be sure to analyze the injury to see exactly what happened, and then take steps to ensure it isn’t repeated. While it may only have been minor this time around, that doesn’t mean that it’ll be as minor next time.

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