Here’s What Criminal Lawyers Usually Say

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Criminal law and everything that’s related to it has always been complicated. Getting caught up in a criminal act, whether it is yourself, a friend, or a family member is definitely not something that you would dream of happening.

This is one of the main reasons why today, we will discuss a couple of things that most criminal defense lawyers in Kent would agree to.

Exercise Your Right to Remain Silent

It’s never wrong to exercise your right to remain silent, especially if it is your innocence and freedom that we are talking about here. Police officers are trained to get everything out of suspects, even if they believe you are innocent.

If they ask you a question upon arrest or they tell you that you should make a statement, always tell them that you won’t speak unless they allow you to call your lawyer. Do not tell them anything aside from this, as what you say can literally be used or held against you.

Always Look for a Warrant

When it comes to getting arrested and police officers asking to search your home or property for clues, you should never just let anyone do it. They should present legal documents and papers to you before they enter your property, as this is what the law says. It is also your right to say “no” if they do not have the papers and documents for it, and you should always practice this to protect yourself.

If they force themselves in without any search warrant or arrest, you can appeal later on, as this is considered as trespassing, which is definitely illegal. Ask a police officer if they have updated and legal warrants before letting them search the property.

Being Questioned Regarding Drug Possession

You can be accused of owning, buying, or selling drugs that are not yours according to a list of drug offences found here: You might not have dealt with drugs ever before, but surprisingly, police officers are finding drugs in your property and they are planning on arresting you because of it.

Again, if this happens to you, do not consent to anything that the police officer says. If you know well enough that this illegal substance does not belong to you, then you can refuse to speak and ask for a lawyer to speak for you instead.

Taking the Alcohol Breath Test

If you have been pulled over by a police officer and asked to come to the police station with them, then you have no choice but to consent to it. They might have seen you speeding up or not following traffic instructions, or they suspect that you are actually driving under the influence of alcohol.

If the officers ask you to take the alcohol breath test at the station, then you have to do it. If you are not guilty, then you have no reason not to. Once you take the exam and they find that you have alcohol in your system that’s below 0.08, then they will clear you and let you go. However, if your alcohol level is above the 0.08 mark, then they can suspend your licence or even send you to jail.

Have a lawyer’s number in your phone or at least bookmarked on your browser. This will come in handy if ever something happens to you or you are charged with something. Search for the best lawyers in your area and talk to them if you have free time

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