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There’s no doubt about it: the future is green. We’re now at a point where green energy and technology is no longer a cute niche buzzword that people throw around when they want to seem conscientious. It’s a real, powerful industry that has millions of people on its side insisting on how necessary it is. Green has made it from the sidelines and into the limelight.

If you have watched this unstoppable rise, then perhaps you have felt the flicker of an entrepreneurial ambition beginning to stir in your stomach. People – people just like you – are making small fortunes from the green energy revolution. It would be a shame if you were to sit out the changing aspect of business, wouldn’t it? If green is the future, then isn’t it about time you got on board?

If you want to throw yourself into the deep end to prevent yourself watching the success of others and going green with envy, then all you need is an idea. If you’re stuck for an entry route, there are a few ideas that could give you the green career or business that could change your fortunes for the better.

1) Eco-Friendly Cleaner

There’s no doubt that some of the substances found in conventional cleaning products aren’t particularly friendly. Anyone who has ever used a surface cleaner and seen their hands turn red upon contact with the product knows that.

More and more households are becoming aware of the potential nasties that are lurking in their cleaning products. If you market yourself as a cleaner who only uses eco-friendly products, you can corner that market. Eco-friendly products tend to work just as well as their standard cousins, so it’s a selling point for you that doesn’t need to fundamentally change how you go about your business. Perfect.

2) Domestic Energy Assessor

Every winter, there is the usual outcry when the cost of fuel bills skyrockets higher than anyone was expecting. It’s fair to say that in this country, we’re all well and truly fed up of paying excessive amounts on our fuel bills.

So what if you could corner a section of the green marketplace that can help with that? You can offer your services to households who have tried to cut the costs of their bills but haven’t managed to do it, and need further investigation of what might be causing the problem. Setting yourself up as a domestic energy assessor is relatively simple. For example…

You need some understanding of the science behind how houses can lose heat; how to interpret floorplans with the help of specialist companies, such asĀ, to spot any potential reasons a home is paying over the odds for their fuel; willingness to take the government qualification to become certified, and a genuine interest in helping people save money on their bills.

Furthermore, Domestic Energy Assessors can work on a contractual basis with the construction industry. Given you have two areas to target your business – commercial and residential – then this is a business idea that could really take off.

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