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Running a business is no easy feat. A professional exterior is not always easy to maintain when professionalism can be so, well, boring! Being stoic and steadfast is not natural for people, because we aren’t robots. A company needs to have some pizzazz, personality and most of all, fun to get anywhere with people. If a business is there to serve a purpose, it makes sense that that purpose should be executed in the most professional way. However, people respond to people, not professional exteriors.

The best way you can give your company some personality is to host a blog on your website. Blogging isn’t just sitting down and detailing the things you had for dinner, or the way you made paper aeroplanes and threw them at the marketing team that day. It’s so much more than the occasional infographic on your company practices. It’s a way to engage people and get them interested in the things you have to say. It’s a way to build your brand and form emotional connections with customers, and this isn’t an easy feat for companies!

For a solid, well-maintained company blog, you have to start with a good WordPress VPS from IO Zoom. You need to be able to support the blog you write, especially if you want to link it to your main company website. This platform will allow your company to spread the word about your upcoming products, achievements and new launches and while you do it, you can speak to the people you are aiming your products toward. A blog allows you to have a level of authority above your competition. You may well be the only company in your industry that has an open forum for clients and customers alike to query the way you do things. It’s a very clever way to get people interested and those people can then be turned into sales.

With the birth of the many, many social media sites online, your blog is going to be a crucial part of your digital marketing plan. Think about it – you could share each post on every single social media platform your company is involved with. The click-rate you can then get with your blog links can see huge levels of traffic to your business website. Read here about how you can encourage more website traffic to your blog so you can learn how to hook your readers.

Owning a blog can also help you to network and rub shoulders with similar companies. By doing a like for like blog swap, you could feature on the website of close competition and vice versa. While that may seem ridiculous, by helping those you are in the industry with, you are helping yourself. You are gaining some of their customers – as you may offer something different! – and you are allowing yourself the possibility of later diversifying. It’s a good thing.

Getting your blog on doesn’t have to be a chore – it should be fun and a regular part of your business week. Go on, get it going!

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