Different Sales Methods For A Small Business

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For any business marketing and the way that they sell their products or services to the customer is a top priority. The business isn’t going to work if considerations into the best method haven’t been made. 

For a small business, especially a startup, this is even more important, and a lot of thought should be going into the best routes to follow. This should include things such as market research into what the customer’s wants and needs are and how best the products will be received whether that’s online, through an impressive catalogue design or face to face in a store. 

Internet Sales

To be successful on the internet now you need to be in tune with the way that all the different platforms work and what’s available for you to use. A lot fo customer now wants to make sure that they can shop and arrange services while on the go, meaning that you need to be able to reach out through multiple methods rather than just one. Some that you should consider include: 

  • Fully Responsive Website- You should most certainly already have or have robust plans in place for a fully responsive website. This means that it works optimally on every kind of device from a computer or laptop through to a mobile or tablet. It’s essential that your site looks the same, whether it is viewed on mobile, tablet or notebook. No more different views just because you are viewing on your phone compared to your home computer. This is your place to explain your product, as well as to enable customers to arrange orders. You should make sure that your site can deal with high volumes of traffic, so it works well at all times. 
  • Social Media Advertising- it is highly advised that you buy some ad space on social media. Most social media platforms have ways that you can purchase ad space that’s targeted toward particular groups, and they even have forms that you can advertise for free. There is a tool available for you to use that will enable you to target specific areas, target audiences, and even time your adverts correctly. 
  • Sponsorships with Influencers- A perfect way of getting your products and services out there is to make use of websites and social media influencers now. This is where you could use people such as bloggers who travel to promote the suitcases you have for sale. You should make sure they have a large following and are going to aim to the type of people you’re after first. You can even offer things such as discount codes for their followers. 
  • Customer Email List – Think about building a customer loyalty email list. This way, you can send an email weekly or monthly, offering exclusive access to sales or events. Make sure you don’t come across as spammy though, too many emails can lead to people leaving your subscription list, and you don’t want that. 

The internet has such an array of invaluable ways to build a loyal customer base, following and retain those who want more of your products or services so you should be making the most of as many as possible. However, if you do come across those methods that don’t work for, you should move on to others. 

Direct Sales

Traditional media may be more expensive than using the online world to advertise your products and services, but it’s no less compelling. In some cases, it can have more of an impact. Have a look here at some of the methods you can use: 

  • TV and Online Advertisements- You may want to wait until you’re a little more established than just a startup business to use this as an option purely for the costs however online adverts could be an excellent method of interactions especially with platforms such as Youtube to use. Try keeping things catchy but straightforward and be sure to buy a slot that’s going to hit your target market. If you’re aiming at stay at home, mom’s then the middle of the day would be ideal. 
  • Radio and Podcast Advertisements- Although some like to say that communication is dying out, it most certainly isn’t, and podcasts are still up and coming; continually growing in popularity. Try having a go at writing memorable radio or podcast ads that can be played during your target audience shows. 
  • Print Advertising- This is a relatively cheap way of advertising, try matching your print as with the same style and colors as any you would put on TV or online. 
  • Product Placement- This is probably the most expensive way of using direct sales, so think hard before using it as a method; however, it is proven to have excellent response rates. Especially if you’re products are seen on a successful TV show.  

Live Sales

This includes all the places that you can think of where you are making dr=irect contact ad transferring over goods or providing a service. So shops, nail salons, events and fairs, expos, etc., It’s essential to conduct research on which places would be interested in having your product stocked in their stores too. You don’t always need to have a whole store you can approach individual stores to sell your goods and services for you. Things to consider would include: 

  • Store Displays- If your product is in stores, then think of how it is going to be displayed. Are you going to have a specialized store display built or are you going to be sitting in line with competitors products? What shelf do you want to be on? Do you want to be at the front of the store or the checkout?  Having a visual of this will help to see how customers will see your product. 
  • Event Marketing- Think about what types of events your clientele attend. What concerts do they attend? What films do they watch? Target these events and always make sure you have a representative present or some advertising. 

There are as many ways to sell your product, just as many as people who would buy it. Having a wide array of marketing tactics that are designed to approach your audience in different ways enables you to saturate the market thoroughly. 

Do you have any other ways that should be included in this list? Please share in the comments section below. 

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