Commercials, banners, signs…and their advantages

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A Guest Post by Emily Wilson

In the past, prior to digital media, printed advertisements were often overlooked. They were stationary and lacked spark and spirit. Today we can advertise our business to potential customers using various forms of media. While modern, online-oriented marketing should be your main focus, traditional ways have gotten a fresh twist. Printed signs, banners, brochures, billboards and many more, still hold a major role in our day to day lives. These traditional, more conventional means still to this day offer plenty of advantages to businesses worldwide. Let’s go over the important reasons why you should not omit these valuable marketing resources.

1.   Cost-effectiveness

Modern, advanced advertising methods can get expensive to produce and maintain. The associated costs can hold small businesses back. Compared to a television or radio advertisement, traditional banners rather inexpensive. Sure, they may not have the same reach, but given the cost associated with it, it is well justified. So much so that even if we outsource the designs and products to local print shops it is still a sound choice.

2.   Targeting an audience

Rather than going for a wide shot, trying to encompass everyone will allow a more targeted approach.  These forms of marketing can be put in relevant locations, targeting only the people that have a greater chance of being interested. A banner can be put outside of your place of business. Nothing too complicated, just a short, concise and to the point information about your business. This way you will avoid wasting resources on trying to reach an audience completely uninterested in what you are offering. Of course, modern forms of media utilize targeted marketing. But a mere placement of a banner will guarantee that you will reach your customers. People moving through the area will look for local business and will start to visit. All you have to do is inform them that you are open and in business.

3.   Functional effectiveness

When it comes to the value per dollar question, a well-designed sign reigns supreme. They are a natural part of the environment, especially in a modern, urban theme. They will keep enforcing your company name and brand each time they are seen. Depending on where it is placed, it can be seen several times by a single person. They blend in with the setting but are also very probable to be noticed by potential customers. The best part is, you can place it wherever you feel is best, where it will make the biggest impact. A high traffic area is a goldmine for a billboard, as many pairs of eyes will pass next to it. Employ some basic design principles meant to increase the likelihood of them being noticed. You will have an attention-grabbing honey pot in no time.

4. Non-intrusiveness

Compared to television, radio and internet advertisement, banners and signs are passive forms of marketing. Modern day advertising has become very aggressive, and people are starting to mind. Billboards and signs are not being actively pushed into the general population’s eyes and ears. If people want to look at them, they are free to. And if not, they will still take a glance, but at their own volition. In this modern time of aggressive marketing, it is something that is greatly appreciated. For example, for something such as a special discount, signs, and banners are ideal. Sales and discounts are great ways for your business to get more profit. A banner in front of your establishment will do just the trick. People will have to come personally to see what is being teased on the sign. This way you will get many more pairs of eyes on site. Just make sure to change it at regular time intervals. For a limited-time-offer such as a discount, they are great because you can put them away at a moment’s notice.

5.   Sturdiness

Signs and banners have no electrical or mechanical components, which makes them very durable and resistant. In their basic form, that is. They do not break down, run out of power or get wet. They are tough and can last for a long periods time. As long as you do basic maintenance, quality function banners will be reusable and will go through thick and thin. If you sponsor many local events, gatherings, trade shows etc. you will see a lot of mileage out of a single banner. Signs are easy and convenient to transport and incur almost no additional cost one created.

6.   Synergistic effect

Using these traditional methods of advertising can be used to complement your online footprint. By adding your website URL to your sign, you greatly increase the chance of people successfully looking you up. Potential customers are busy and in a hurry, they happened to have stumbled upon your banner. But that is ok because you have provided them with the means of contacting you later when it is convenient. Also, QR codes are a great idea, just make sure that your sign is easily scanned. It can also work in reverse in small ways. In photos of your business that are on your website be sure to include any signs to pose as landmarks. This way you will be easy to find, and customers will feel comfortable as if they were already there.

Traditional forms of marketing still play a huge role in our day to day lives. Even when the digital advertisement is on the rise, these offer a lot of benefits, especially when cost is an issue. They offer great durability and efficiency and are quite versatile. As long as you follow certain rules when it comes to design, or hire professionals, you cannot go wrong. Place them in carefully thought out locations and ensure to get the most out of these investments. Your signs will draw people’s attention to impulse. As it turns out you do not necessarily need super expensive, a prime-time advertisement for your business to gain traction. No matter the size of your enterprise, incorporate these never-out-of-style methods and harness all the benefits they bring, today.

Emily Wilson is a business psychologist with a passion for marketing. Researching, exploring and writing are her favourite things to do. She works as a consultant at Bannamesh. Besides that, she loves animals, music and travelling.

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