Are you dealing with the root causes of your problems?

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If you’re like me, sometimes you might shy away from dealing with problems. I know, some problems are just too painful to deal with.

I remember a few years ago I was unhappy with my life, but I knew to my core that dealing with the root cause was just too much for me. So on I went, day to day, ignoring the problems whilst the strife mounted. Sound familiar? So many people I talk to recognize what I am writing.

Whether it be personal issues, relationship issues, finance problems, job challenges… not every problem can be dealt with by rolling our sleeves up and fixing it. Or can it? I used to think that my problems were so deeply ingrained that I would never really escape them. I was blinded by the pain.

Eventually, things got so bad that other people took action that instigated a change in my life. I didn’t choose to resolve it. I didn’t want to face into it. But I was given no choice and I had to deal with it, kicking and screaming. Of course, I tried to put band-aids over the problems – actually just the symptoms – to no avail. Deep down I knew I was attempting to avoid having to deal with the situation directly, because I knew how much pain I would be in. Yes, it was painful and it wasn’t going to go away quickly.

I had a few days (weeks really) of introspection, and it was only after lots of tears, lots of wine, and lots of tearing strips off myself did I have an idea that this is as bad as it could possibly get, so why not try something that could fix it for good. It was a glimmer of hope and I nurtured the thought.

With courage, I took my first step. I went to see a personal counsellor. The rest session wasn’t too bad, but then we didn’t get into anything deep. I remember thinking to myself – this ain’t so bad. So I went again – and this time a load of stuff came out. It was ultra-painful, but a massive release. Cathartic even. I went again – same happened. And again. And again.

Eventually, I came out of the sessions feeling much lighter in myself – and I have never been so happy in my life. I dealt with the root causes of my problems.

What are your pain points?

You know what they are – deep down.

People who have debt problems – they need to get out of debt, right? (Then make the first step and go see people who know how to sort these – search online for it: e.g. Strategic Financial Solutions. Debt is fixable!)

People who have problems getting a job – they need to see career counsellor (they just need to google it! These people specialise in helping people find and enter a career that suits their skills and lifestyles)

People who have relationship problems or personal challenges – there is a lot of choice when selecting a counsellor for individuals, couples or for children, so finding one that suits your needs shouldn’t be difficult. There is no ‘failure’ in getting professional help.

Thing is, if we are in pain, there is someone out there to help.

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