Adding The Final Touches To Your Office

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Buying a new office can be an incredibly exciting step for any business owner- being able to decorate the space as you want, add more equipment and have extra room for employees can take your business from strength to strength. Once you’ve chosen your new furniture, rearranged your departments and got settled, there are a few extra things you might want to add to make the office even more perfect, bringing everything together into the final piece.

The Desk

Now that you’ve gone all out on a new computer system, better chairs and a new range of desk, you may think that you’ve finished in this area; but in fact, there are still some things you can add to make your desk optimised for productivity.

  • Bring some calm and tranquillity to your desk by having a small plant on the desk. If you don’t think you can keep a plant alive, artificial will still have the same effect without the fuss.
  • If desks are closely packed, you could add partitions to give staff privacy and also a place to hang things up.
  • Hang up a small whiteboard on the partition to allow employees to write to-do lists, notes and special events for the month.
  • Add more than one computer screen if you feel it will help your employees work more productively throughout the day.



Now that the office and desk areas are ready for business. You may want to look at creating an entrance foyer and reception desk for privacy and to greet guests. You can find reception counters and desk selection easily online and build a wall to separate your main entrance from the rest of the building. This is not only good for privacy but also will provide extra security in case of robbers.

Staff Room

Once you’ve got the working areas sorted out, you may want to consider where you employees will be able to go in their downtime. It is important to have an area where your workers can go and sit, read a book or catch up with other employees. It will increase relations and make sure everyone is happy. If you want to make the staff area even more fun, you can add in a table tennis table, or even a games console and hold FIFA tournaments for your employees each month.


One of the most important areas you should have in your office building is a kitchen. It doesn’t need to have an oven, dishwasher and freezer- but a fridge, microwave, toaster and kettle will make a huge difference to you and your employees. Also make sure you have a sink area for washing up, as well as plenty of cleaning supplies to make sure everyone tidy’s up after themselves.

Outdoor Seating

Finally, you and your employees will benefit hugely from having a seating area outdoors to get some much-needed fresh air at lunch time. However, try to make a separate area for smokers because it isn’t fair on people who don’t smoke who just want a bit of fresh air.

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