5 Ways to Give Your Brand a Boost

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Even if you are currently executing a successful marketing campaign, there’s still room to grow, right? Between social media, email, SEO, local advertising, and other avenues, there is an audience you have not tapped into somewhere. On the other hand, maybe your sales are dropping, or you’re struggling to stay connected with the same customers you’ve always had. Perhaps it’s time to give your brand a bit of a boost; something that revitalizes your business personality and reshapes how people perceive you. Here are a few ways to reinvigorate your brand and hit it off with new and old customers:

Focus on positive impact

Positive impact is essential for any company. There are business reasons, of course, but it’s also the right thing to do. Shouldn’t we all be doing our best to make the world a better place? If you are neglecting your duties, consumers will notice, and they’ll turn to companies that make them feel good about their purchases. Cone Communications found that 87 percent of consumers said they’d do business with a company because it advocated for an issue they were passionate about (and 75 percent said they would refuse to buy a product if they learned the company supported an issue against their beliefs).

There are innumerable ways to be socially responsible. Maybe you can team up with nonprofit organizations, only use sustainable and eco-friendly materials in your products, donate some of your profits to worthy causes, encourage your employees to volunteer, raise awareness about an issue, only use ethical labor practices, or give some of your products to people in need. Gen Z is especially conscious of socially responsible companies, so if you are not doing something to make the world a better place, now is the time to start.

Promote your sales

Are you leveraging the online promotion advantages the internet gives you? For instance, pre-marketing a product can help get people excited about it and make its launch successful. Some companies test their products online before selling them in brick-and-mortar stores by making people feel like they were allowed early access to said products. Offering discounts and other sales can drive a significant amount of traffic to your business, so make sure that you are letting people know about them early enough.

Expand your online presence

Besides revitalizing the content you post on other platforms, you might also want to consider stepping onto others. You don’t want to utilize channels that make no sense for you (Snapchat has a very different audience than LinkedIn), but sticking to Facebook is not enough. Instagram has over one billion users, so there’s an audience you don’t want to miss out on; Pinterest is excellent for finding products related to yours; LinkedIn can help you build a professional network, and Twitter is the perfect place for one-on-one interaction with your followers. So, when executing different social media campaigns, remember to follow the right people, post at advantageous times, respond to comments, like other people’s posts, and of course, produce intriguing content.

Partner with other brands and influencers

One effective way of giving your brand a boost is partnering with other well-established brands and influencers. Associating with them gives you legitimacy in the minds of potential customers—if a company so well-trusted or an individual so well-known is willing to ally themselves with you, then you must be reliable.

Partnering with another brand is also an opportunity to tap into its existing audience. If a company that is not a direct competitor but still relevant to your business has one million followers on Instagram, your partnership exposes you to those one million people more quickly than if you had relied on only your own content. So, if you want to gain Instagram followers and engagement on other platforms, reach out to people who you could benefit from aligning with, and who could benefit from you.

Give yourself a positivity boost

As a brand owner and entrepreneur, your personal attitude seeps into your brand. If you are feeling discouraged or uninvested in your endeavor, it can be hard to motivate yourself toward success. What you need is an attitude boost: surround yourself with positive people, stop worrying about trying to do everything the way other people have done it, and set realistic goals. Are you working on something you are passionate about? If not, is there something else you could be doing, or a way to find joy in your current projects? Do something altruistic for someone in need and smile as often as you can.

Not all effective marketing strategies last forever, so sometimes you need to give your brand a boost when things are getting stale. How do you plan to reinvigorate your brand in the near future?

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