5 Things Customers Actually Care About (and 5 They Don’t)

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As a business owner, the customer should always be at the heart of your endeavours. Without them, your entire company is destined for failure. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs are a little confused about what customers do and don’t care about.

Here’s a simple checklist of their priorities, along with issues that barely even consider.

Care: Product Appearance

Most clients desire aesthetically pleasing products. Even when choosing household appliances built for function, the finishing touches are vital. Powder coating equipment can turn ugly items into beautiful products ready for sale. Meanwhile, producing products in a range of colours provides a sense of character.

Don’t Care: Materials Used

In most cases, telling customers that you’ve used a certain material is pointless. As long as the product in question serves its purpose, they’ll be happy.

Care: Costs

Getting value for money is a key item on any consumer’s agenda, even when buying business items. Therefore, you should always conduct market research to check that you can compete. Moreover, you must always look to surpass expectations. If a customer spends £100, you should look to give them at least £110 worth of value. That way they’ll keep coming back.

Don’t Care: Manufacturing Costs

Still, clients are not stupid. They know that the business is making a profit. In truth, they won’t mind as long as they still get value for money. As such, choosing the cheapest methods is advised.

Care: The Brand-Client Relationship

Customers need to feel like they are more than just a client. They deserve to be appreciated, which is why you must look to build winning relationships online as well as in the real world. Apart from anything else, the insight that you’ll gain from making those efforts will help direct your venture to future success.

Don’t Care: How Products Arrive

On the other hand, very few customers care about the delivery services you use. Therefore, wasting money here is pointless. A cheap and reliable service will suffice.

Care: The Brand’s Ethos

Many clients will actively get behind a company that takes responsibility. Whether it’s being eco-friendly or supporting a local cause, those gestures can make a huge impact. Naturally, this element carries greater significance in some industries compared to others. Depending on your target market, though, overlooking this element simply won’t do.

Don’t Care: The Company’s DNA

However, they aren’t that interested in whether you use internal staff or outsourced ones. Therefore, choosing the method that offers the best efficiency is all that matters.

Care: Rewards

While it builds on the ideas of customer relations and value for money, loyalty rewards cannot be ignored. Using special offers loyalty cards, and referral schemes can all work wonders. Given that your goal is to turn one-time customers into serial clients, this aspect is key. Make them feel that they are being treated well, and they’ll be sure to spend more too.

Don’t Care: Promotions For Other Clients

Most customers don’t care if you offer equally great offers to new customers or less valuable clients. As long as their continued loyalty is rewarded, they’ll be just fine. Therefore, you can afford to be generous to all.

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