4 Ways to Better Yourself As a Business Owner

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The more you better yourself, the better everything in your life becomes. This statement holds true for most people, but for entrepreneurs and business owners it’s even more applicable. In many ways, your business is an extension of you, and how you lead as an individual impacts the lives of the people around you in major ways.

In order to make every aspect of your business better, you’ll also have to make yourself better. As we start putting our New Year’s Resolution into action, it’s important to put time and energy into improving ourselves. It’s hard to really grow your income without growing yourself, and as an entrepreneur, here are a few things you can do. 

Attend a Conference

We’re living in the age of information, and as an entrepreneur you can use this to your advantage. Whether you’re in real estate or ecommerce, there are thousands of events across the country where people like you meet up to learn how to improve their businesses. At these conferences, you can learn about the latest, greatest tactics to grow your company, find clients and also even network with fellow entrepreneurs to create opportunities for collaboration and referrals. Conferences are a great way to get out of your daily routine, and get a huge input of inspiration and ideas that you can use to level up. What’s also great is many conferences are also hosted in some of the most beautiful locations, so you can also turn it into a mini-vacation. Once the event is done, you can hang back, relax and think about your business and how you’re going to implement what you’ve learned. If you’re worried about your transport and getting around, you can use services like dfw car rental, to pick up a vehicle as soon as you land, which will make the whole process of moving around and exploring easier. 

Get a Coach

As business owners, we make a lot of investments – in marketing, in hiring a great team of staff, but one of the most important investments we don’t make enough is in ourselves. As a business owner, you are the main driver of how well your business performs and a lot of that has to do with personal development. In order to do that, you often need a coach – someone who can see your business from a higher level and provide you with the guidance and leadership to help you make critical decisions. There are so many coaching organizations out there and you can find a coach that is truly in alignment with you. Coaches hold you accountable to your goals and help you get out of your own way so that you’re free to propel your business. 

Schedule Regular Quiet Time 

As a busy entrepreneur, you probably spend most of your time on the go – but how much time do you dedicate to really thinking deeply and visioning where you want your career to go? One thing a lot of business owners do to move things forward is to actually slow down and really reflect. Having quiet time means getting away from the busy nature of your job, getting away from your phone and the internet, and just taking that moment to really think beyond your daily tasks and activities. One of the best things you can do is to make this a weekly thing, you’ll be surprised at how much your business moves forward by clearing your schedule for even an hour a week. 


Entrepreneurs tend to suffer from having a lot on their plate, and often it’s tasks we can easily outsource to other people. The tasks of a business owner are worth anything from $500 per hour and up, but many of us spend our time on $20 per hour tasks. Not only does this mean that our businesses will be stagnant, it also burns us out. One of the things we need to commit to this year is to get those tasks off our plates so we can truly grow our footprint. Just start off by making a list of all the tasks you do and researching what they are worth, and then start looking at all the ways you can outsource those tasks so you can have free time to focus on the highest income-producing tasks. Running a business is a huge responsibility. You provide a valuable service to your clients, and you’re also meant to provide the best environment for your staff. The truth is, everything from your company culture, to your products and the process is driven by your level of self-development which you really have to make an investment in. It will well and truly be worth it.

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