Why What You Do Outside Work Matters Most In The Pursuit Of Promotion

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When we seek a promotion at work, most of us consider our behavior during the working day. We go out of your way to impress at every opportunity. We buy our boss cakes, and go above and beyond to get our work looking as good as possible. There’s no denying that these things are essential. But, if you only focus your efforts on what you do during your working day, don’t be surprised if you never secure a promotion.

Often, it’s our out of work efforts which secure a more advanced role. Those daytime efforts matter for helping you get ahead. But, the chances are that there are plenty of other people doing the same. Fewer employees are willing to dedicate their free time to the pursuit of promotion. Hence why that could be the thing to see you securing that role. Read on to find out why.

Overtime shows willing

Any post about promotion stresses the importance of working overtime. What you might not realize is that this alone is more important than all the cream cakes in the world. This even outstrips quality of work in some respect. Both are necessary, but managers want people who are always willing to go the extra mile. The higher in your career you get, the less chance there is of leaving at five and forgetting until the next day. As such, staying behind on a regular basis proves you’re ready for that commitment. It also gives you private time to suck up to the boss. So, kiss goodbye to free evenings, and start dedicating more time to your office.

Outside courses provide necessary training

In many instances, a promotion will come complete with a promise of training. But, by embarking on training during your free time, you save your employer from spending on this. As if that weren’t enough, this yet again shows your level of commitment. Could you be a better promotion prospect? If you’re willing to commit your evenings to this for the foreseeable, the job is as good as yours. Of course, the training you choose will vary depending on the role you’re after. Nurses looking to seek head nurse roles might want to embark on something like this online rn bsn course. Sales assistants looking to become supervisors could embark on sales-specific evening courses. Whatever role you’re after; there will be a course out there to further qualify you.

Destressing helps you handle anything

A manager will also seek a promotion prospect who can handle anything with a calm head. As such, even just using your free time to destress and manage personal issues could help you prospects here. By taking time out to meditate or practice mindfulness during your evenings, you’ll be able to take these techniques back to work with you. If your manager than sees how calm and collected you are under pressure, they won’t be able to resist snapping you up. And, it’s all thanks to what you did in your spare time!

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