Do Your Bosses Think You Web-Two-O Too Much?

Is Web2.0 a drain on your productivity? The explosive use of LinkedIn, Facebook and MySpace has urged some companies to reevaluate their electronic-use policies. Some organizations have banned social-networking tools completely over concerns about a drop in productivity as well as data-security. Has this happened in your workplace?  


Building a Public Profile: A Success Story

Building a public profile nowadays, it seems, is an essential part of developing a career. Even when you’re in a job that is predominantly inward looking (such as support or facilities) your external profile remains important to be competitive, as the reality of today is that potential business partners, employers and investors are increasingly looking …

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Enabling Action-Orientation with Collaborative Technologies

Web2.0 and collaborative technologies promise a new world of integrated thought leadership. However they are not without their flaws. There are three key weaknesses in the typical use of collaborative technologies. The weaknesses are in the way decisions are made that lead to action. Decisions are made by committees. The larger the group of contributors …

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