Providing Your Employees With All of the Training They Need

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Taking on employees can see you entering pretty unfamiliar territory as a small business owner. If you’ve been running things independently so far in your journey, you’re going to find it a little odd having other people around carrying out tasks on your behalf. While having employees at hand will significantly lighten your own workload, employing people also comes hand in hand with a whole host of responsibilities. Perhaps the most important responsibility that you will have placed upon you is correctly training your employees.

Now, when we talk about training employees, we tend to automatically think about training them in their role. We think about ensuring they understanding their job role and taking the time to help them to understand what is expected of them. This, of course, is greatly important. It guarantees that your employees know what they are supposed to do and can help them to feel comfortable within their position.

It’s important to remember the softer skills development too, such as public speaking and leadership. These are transferable skills that can apply to many roles within the organisation, outside of current environments.

However, perhaps an even more important area of training to focus on is health and safety training. Employees need to be able to operate safely within the workplace you provide them with and they also need to be able to carry out any tasks expected of them safely. If you fail to provide them with this training, they could become susceptible to injury, illness, or even worse – fatality. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at the infographic by Health and Safety training provider EssentialSkillz below. This will help to shed some light on the sheer importance of sufficient health and safety training!


Infographic Design By Health and Safety training provider EssentialSkillz

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