Pricing Down While Packing Up – Ways To Save Money When Moving House

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There are many significant expenses when buying and moving into a new home or even renting. During this crazy time, it is easy to lose track of your outgoings and spend money where you don’t have to, thinking it may save hassle and stress in the long run. Never fear – it is very possible to keep costs to a minimum if you follow these simple rules.

Clear The Clutter

Sorting through all of your belongings and getting rid of those you do not wish to take with you is a great way to save you money on your house move. Give yourself enough time to get this completed as it can be a time-consuming activity once nostalgia kicks in.

The benefits for this activity are two-fold. Most removal quotes are calculated by assessing the volume of items that need to be moved, so purging your possessions in advance of the removal company’s pre-move survey should reduce the cost of your service. Then, by selling items you no longer need, you could make some extra money for the move.

Go Compare!

Comparing quotes for your moving services, such as conveyancing solicitors, a house survey and removals, can help you find companies that offer the highest value for money.

When comparing your quotes, ensure you mention all your requirements to your moving services company, to make certain all of the aspects you require are included in the price.

The Early Bird Catches The Worm

Removals companies get very busy and will charge more the later you leave a booking. By planning in advance, you have a better opportunity to budget for these outgoings. It will also significantly reduce the likelihood of last-minute additions to the bill and give you plenty of time to determine what you would like included.

Check It Out

Staying organised when moving house will ensure that everything will be packed, prepared and ready to go. Leaving tasks to the last minute and holds ups on the day often means having to pay premium prices.

A Little Help From Your Friends

For aspects of your house move that you could do yourself, ask your friends and family if they can help you. Doing your own packing will save your money on your removals, and asking your friends to provide you with assistance will make sure you are not compromising other tasks to do this. You could choose to save money on a professional cleaning or removal service, for both your current and the new house by asking your friends if they are available to help out on your moving day. Hiring a man with a van or finding a friend who owns one may well work out the cheaper option. You can check out the suitability of interiors of Vauxhall Vans and which may be most appropriate for your needs.

Box Clever

Collecting second-hand packing boxes is a great way to save money on your house move. There are many places you can acquire boxes, such as supermarkets. You could also use your towels and bedding to pack your items to save money on packaging supplies. You will be taking these to your new home anyway, and it may even save you some space and time for your move.

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