New Ways To Earn Money: 10 Gig Economy Jobs For Extra Income

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Today’s workers are less willing to be tied to a 9-5 job in a cubicle. They want to make their own hours, have the freedom to travel, and have a healthy work-life balance.

Gig economy jobs allow people to make money on their own terms, dictate their own schedules, and have greater flexibility. The pay can range from minimum wage to lucrative, depending on your particular skills.

Check out some of the most popular gig economy jobs which can let you determine your own path.

1. Uber or Lyft

Driving for one of these rideshare giants can be done as a supplement to other work, during the hours you prefer. Pick up some extra dough or drive full time, using your own car and in any neighborhood or region you like.

2. Modeling

If you’ve got the looks, you can pick up a pretty bundle of cash modeling for advertising agencies, fashion houses, or even art schools. If you have one particularly good attribute, you can just model that: hand models,or butt models, make even more money-  but your features must be perfect.

3. AirBnB

If you have an extra room or an apartment that you do not use much, why not rent it out? Home sharing is an excellent way to make your real estate work for you when you are not using it.

Just keep the place clean and neat, to avoid negative online reviews.

4. Cleaning

It’s not a high-level skill, but there is a huge market for people who need help keeping their homes and offices clean. You can usually work it around your own schedule, and offices are usually cleaned at night after everyone has gone home.

You can also clean cars, equipment, or even pets for a per-project fee.

5. Shopping

People have other housekeeping needs you can assist with, like grocery shopping. Check out Instacart Headquarters to find ways to shop for others in your area.

6. Babysitting

Another freelance gig that can pay well is babysitting. You can make even more money by sitting for kids overnight or over the course of a weekend when the parents need a break.

7. Consulting

If you have a special skill, you can act as a consultant. Whether you know the law, accounting, marketing, or IT, you can hire yourself out hourly or on a per-project basis for high fees.

You can take off time whenever you want, although you won’t be earning when you are not working. You will also be responsible for your own taxes, as you will be with most gig economy jobs.

8. Coding/Development

Technology skills are in hot demand, and if you can code or develop web-based products you can make a lot of money by freelancing. Knowledge of robotics or AI is also a highly paid skill.

9. Be an Influencer

Do you have a lot of followers on Instagram or other social media platforms? You can monetize your popularity by endorsing products!

10. Fix Things

If you are good with your hands, you can register on a site like Task Rabbit and hire yourself out to fix computers, appliances, and other items where people need help.

Gig Economy Jobs: Freedom, Flexibility, and Funds

Consider one of these gig economy jobs if you want the freedom to live as you choose, and work when you want. They are also great if you need extra income for a wedding, vacation, or special dream.Depending on your talents and interests, these extra work options can give you the freedom you need.

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