Look at this mind-blowing image – what does it say about you?

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Look at this image over and over. A plain brick wall – right? See anything unusual? Look again? Do you see it?

I am sure that, like 99.999% of people (including myself) you won’t see what is staring you in the face straight away. This image exploded on the web recently – and it’s dumbfounded almost everyone.

It’s because your brain hasn’t identified the object, apart from the wall, in the picture. So you don’t ‘see’ it – even though, once you know what’s there, you will discover that your eyes have seen it all along.

Still can’t see it? No surprise. In this image is something you won’t expect. What is amazing about this image is that no matter how hard you stare, what angle you look at it from, how long you give yourself, you still can’t see the object.

What you can’t see, hidden in plain sight, is a [spoiler]lit cigar poking out of the wall.[/spoiler]

Now do you see it?

If you need some help – I’ve highlighted it for you: [spoiler]



Blows your mind!!!! How did I not see it before???

Now that you know what is there, it’s impossible NOT to see it. Your perception of the image has been changed irreversibly. Try to ‘not’ see what you couldn’t see before… it can’t be done!

What does this tell us?

Just imagine all the things your eyes see but you don’t recognize – every single day. It will be countless.

The image above is a an excellent demonstration that we all experience immeasurable missed opportunities, simply because we are not looking for them, or have not recognized them.

There could be so many un-tapped opportunities right in front of us…

… if we were to invoke a ‘grand reveal’ in our perception of what is around us. Just by looking again in a different light, and taking a different perspective on what we currently hold ‘true’ and ‘constant’.

Things like:

  • Job opportunities in organizations we have previously considered as baron
  • New lessons or learning experiences in books we have read previously, revealed by a new context
  • Reasons to feel confident in our abilities, if we look at them at face-value
  • Friendships where we have previously thought there were none
  • Improvements we can make at work where we felt there were none to be made previously
  • the list goes on…

What this image tells us about ourselves

We don’t recognize things until we are told that they are there, even when they’re subsequently revealed as obvious. We hold onto our beliefs, our perceptions, our ignorances and blind-spots – until we are shown that they are false – and a new perception emerges and becomes the new truth – the new reality.

So if you are stuck at work, at home, in a project or in life – staring at a brick wall – perhaps the answer is to get some help to have the obvious pointed out to you, giving you a new perspective and a new direction?

How I can help

If you find yourself stuck, without a direction to follow, then I can help. I can help you develop a new perspective and a new perception. It starts with a quick chat – informal and friendly.

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