Is Your Work Space Cluttered? Here’s How to Stay Organised

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When you’re working for a busy company or trying to run a business by yourself, things can get a little hectic. That being said, there’s no surprise that your work space gets a little messy. But, a messy work space can lead to a decrease in productivity because you’ll find it difficult to put your hands on anything you need. Staying organised will allow you to keep a clear mind and a clear space. So, here’s how to do it.

Go Through the Paperwork

If you’ve got stacks of paperwork piling up on your desk and it’s only getting worse as the days go by, you’ll need a paperwork intervention. Set aside some time and go through everything on your desk. You’ll probably find things that can be shredded, but there will also be some items you need to keep and store away in a filing system. Luckily, there are plenty of new ways businesses can start to go paperless. Take a look at worldwide contract management software for instance. It’s an ideal way of keeping all of your contracts and agreements safely stored online and it’s quicker and more efficient for you to get signatures when required.

Re-arrange Your Furniture

When you work in a busy environment, every second counts. So, if you’re constantly having to get up to file away documents, it’s no wonder so many of them end up in piles on your desk. The way your office furniture is arranged should allow you as much convenience as possible. If you’re not able to reach the things you need from your desk, it may be time for a re-think and some re-arrangement. Even if re-arranging will mean your desk doesn’t have access to electricity points, there are simple ways around that.

Make Life Easy with Your Desktop

Have you got three mugs, two staplers and five photo frames on your work desk? It’s easy to clutter your space, even in just 24 hours. However, it isn’t really conducive for a productive atmosphere. It’s important to keep your desktop organised so you have the space to work properly. Try and forget about old habits. For example, many people still keep a jar full of pens and pencils on their desktop, even though they’re unlikely to use one of them throughout the day. We do most of our typing and writing on a computer, so pens and pencils aren’t the ‘gold dust’ they used to be.

Time Management

Time management is so important when it comes to keeping a desk uncluttered. In fact, it’s one of the main reasons that desks do end up cluttered. If you haven’t got the time to file papers away or clean up after you’ve eaten your lunch because you’re always on a tight deadline, it’s likely your space will end up being a mess. Setting time aside at the beginning, middle and end of the day to keep your space organised will ensure you don’t have huge piles of debris to clean up as soon as look up from your computer.

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