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Managing employee productivity can be a tricky affair. You need to be tough while at the same time, you need to embrace your staff. It is important to ensure that all employees are working for maximum productivity.

However, sometimes employees use tricks that fool you to think they are working. Many employers are fooled by CCTV footage to think that employees are busy. To be able to determine your employee’s productivity, you need to dig much deeper.

You need to find a way of accounting for every single minute spent at the workplace. If you want to hold your employees accountable, try using modern tools such as Spokeo in conjunction with the traditional tools.

Here are 3 sure ways you can use to find out what employees are doing at the workplace.

  1. Make A Work Plan To Avoid Being Deceived By Employees

Employees use tricks to throw you off while pretending to work. However, if each employee is required to account for the work they do each day, they will pay more attention to work.

A simple work plan requires that each employee fills a sheet showing what they did on each day. The staff has to indicate the amount of work done within a given time period.

Although, reviewing worksheets for all employees may be tedious, just having them around keeps employees on their toes. They have the responsibility of being productive and they will strive to fulfil it.

  1. Use CCTV cameras; Warn Them First

The use of cameras in the workplace to monitor employee activities is not something new. However, the act has met criticism as it is seen to be intimidating. The whole essence of placing cameras around the office is to ensure that every employee does what they are supposed to be doing.

However, placing cameras without notifying them in advance may not be a good idea. Let your employees understand that the cameras are there to monitor their behaviours at the workplace. The mere idea of having cameras at the workplace will motivate employees to be productive. Collect all the daily footage and use it to find out what employees are up to during the day.

  1. Use Spokeo To Find Out Their Profiles in Social Networks

It is a very deep and useful way of monitoring the schedule of social media usage. Research shows that more than 30% of employees spend an average of 1 hour on social media during office hours. If all your employees were to spend an hour on social media, you would lose around 15% of your productive time. Such loses can have serious implications on your annual revenue and profits.

Spokeo reverse number lookup is the only tool that can help you track down employee activities regarding their social media profiles. Spokeo, the leading search engine for persons, digs deep to find profiles for all your employees even on the least popular social media sites.

You can search for your employees and check out their social media activities including the last login and the length of sessions. Using this technology, you will be able to determine whether your employees are working or not.

You can also use Spokeo for reverse phone lookup and phone numbers search to find out who your employees are talking to for long hours.


The activities of your employees matter a lot. You cannot stand on the fence and watch as your employees eat into important company time.

To ensure that you are aware of what your employees do, you need tools that will help you monitor daily activities at the office. There are many traditional tools that are used to keep employees accountable. However, many employees have devised ways of escaping the hook.

Today, you need to use modern technology to be able to capture technology masterminds. Spokeo, the leading people’s search engine can be used to monitor employee social media activities. It can also be used for phone number lookup and reverse number lookup to determine those who speak to employees.

For the best results, combine Spokeo with other tools such as CCTV cameras. If you can monitor employee activity on the camera and use Spokeo to find out what they are doing when they are on the computer, you will be able to reduce the instances of social media use while at work.

Valerie Malecha is a content writer for Spokeo. She has a great experience in marketing, travel, business and relationship sphere.

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