Guest Bloggers: Forward Schedule Subjects

So you’re interested in being a Guest Blogger on my site?

I have a forward schedule of post ideas I keep aside just for guest bloggers who want to pitch to me (see, I make it easy for you…!)

These post titles are on a first-come-first-served basis. So if you wanna pitch a post, get in quick.

My forward schedule of Guest Blogger post subjects is:

  1. How to choose a {computer mouse, computer keyboard, computer screen, smartphone, laser printer, desk} for home working
  2. How to ask for {time off, sick leave, a promotion, new equipment, training}
  3. Business travel tips (how to choose hotels, car hire, flights, etc)
  4. Business apparel (how to choose, where to buy, etc)
  5. I manage stress by {xxxx}
  6. What is meant by Business Casual (apparel)?
  7. When is it time for a Team Meeting?
  8. How managers can make the most of their regular team meeting
  9. How to prepare for a Team Meeting
  10. Travel tips when working away
  11. Working away? Here is what to pack in your suitcase
  12. Working away from home? A Guide to Hotel Room Cuisine on a Budget
  13. What does customer service mean to you?

and for the brave and courageous bloggers who are prepared to share a very personal account:


  1. How I messed up at work, and what I did to recover from it
  2. I got fired. It was my fault. But this is what I did to salvage my career
  3. My parents disowned me because of my job. Here’s why.

Are you interested in writing one of these posts as a Guest Blogger?


Get in touch with me with your post title – get over to my Guest Blogger┬ápage to read my guest blogger guidelines and get started.


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