Global Entrepreneur’s Guide: Establishing Businesses in the USA, Bulgaria, and Singapore

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The globalized world presents a myriad of business opportunities, and savvy entrepreneurs look across borders to find the best environments to establish or expand their ventures. From the bustling business hubs of the USA to the emerging markets in Bulgaria and the strategic locale of Singapore, each option offers unique advantages. In this guide, we’ll dive into the procedures and benefits of opening a company in the USA, registering one in Bulgaria, and buying a shelf company in Singapore.

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The American Dream: Opening a Company in the USA

The United States, with its massive consumer market and innovative environment, continues to be a beacon for entrepreneurs worldwide. Here’s a brief outline of how to open a company in the USA:

  • Choosing a Business Structure: Depending on your goals and size of your business, decide between entities like a Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, LLC (Limited Liability Company), or Corporation.
  • Select a State: Each US state has its regulations and tax structures. States like Delaware are popular for business-friendly policies.
  • Registration Process: Obtain an Employer Identification Number (EIN) from the IRS, which is vital for tax purposes. Also, register your business name and acquire necessary licenses and permits.


  • Massive market access
  • Diverse consumer base
  • Advanced infrastructure

Emerging European Hub: Registering a Company in Bulgaria

Bulgaria, an EU member, is gaining attention for its strategic location and favorable business climate. Here’s how you can register a company in Bulgaria:

  • Decide on Business Form: The most popular forms are OOD (Limited Liability Company) and EOOD (Sole-Owned Limited Liability Company).
  • Document Preparation: Draft the company's articles of association and gather the required personal documents.
  • Registration Steps: Register with the Bulgarian Commercial Register and obtain a unique identification code.


  • Low corporate tax rate of 10%
  • Access to the European market
  • Strategic location between Europe and Asia

Strategic Asian Pivot: Buying a Shelf Company in Singapore

Singapore, a global business hub, offers a unique opportunity: shelf companies. These are pre-registered companies that have never conducted business, allowing for quick business commencement. Here’s what to consider:

  • Selecting a Shelf Company: Work with reputable agencies in Singapore that list available shelf companies. Choose one that fits your requirements.
  • Transfer of Ownership: Once you select a company, the agency will facilitate the transfer of ownership, updating directors, shareholders, and company secretary details.
  • Start Business Operations: As the company is already registered, you can immediately start your business activities.


  • Speedy market entry
  • Prestige of a Singaporean business address
  • Robust legal and economic environment

Choosing the Right Path for Your Business

Each of these options serves different business needs:

  • Opening a Company in the USA: Ideal for those targeting a vast and varied market.
  • Registering a Company in Bulgaria: Suitable for entrepreneurs eyeing the European market with cost-effective operations.
  • Buying a Singapore Shelf Company: Perfect for businesses aiming for a quick start in an influential Asian hub.


In today’s interconnected world, entrepreneurs aren’t limited by geography. Whether it’s the sprawling avenues of America, the crossroads of Europe in Bulgaria, or the dynamic streets of Singapore, there’s a world of opportunities awaiting. By understanding the nuances of each business environment and aligning them with your vision, you can strategically position your venture for global success.

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