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Most people work in commercial premises. They’ll commute to the workplace, spend eight hours a day, five days a week there – and they tend to do this for many years of their lives. As an employer, it’s important to provide your workers with as comfortable as possible to maintain good levels of employee satisfaction. You also have to make the space safe for your employees to operate in and your business could greatly benefit from using office design tips and tricks that subtly encourage employees to be more productive during the work day. On top of this, you want to make sure that your workplace is impressive when you bring in any potential clients, partners or others you want to make a good impression with. A high quality workplace can help to create a good impression of your business and can encourage others to want to work alongside you and collaborate. Here are just a few different tricks that can help you to achieve all of these things!

Meeting Rooms

The first thing you should focus on is having some kind of high quality meeting room. If you’re bringing people from outside of the business into your business, you want to put your company across well. This could be candidates for job interviews, potential partners or collaborators, important clients or anyone else. Having a dedicated meeting doesn’t only make you look serious. It also ensures privacy.

Presentation or Lecture Hall

Now, this isn’t ideal for all businesses. But if you have the kind of business where you need to present something to many people at once, you could really benefit from having some sort of lecture hall style room within your commercial premises. This will allow a speaker to stand at the front with a presentation and they can project their ideas, take questions and help to push projects forward, secure investment, or achieve whatever other goals you’re looking to reach. All you’ll need is a room, a projector and board and seating from Hussey Seatway.

Natural Light

It’s impossible to overly emphasise the importance of natural light in any workplace. Sure, many office blocks will have that sterile blue lighting that so many of us are familiar with. But natural lighting is more than just an aesthetic upgrade. It’s a productivity upgrade too. Natural light regulates our circadian rhythms, letting us know when we should be awake and alert, and when we should be winding down to sleep. If our bodies are deprived of natural light, we begin to wind down. Having natural light can really perk your employees up!

These are just a few suggestions that could work for your business and its commercial premises. Of course, what’s ideal for one company may not tick all of the boxes, or could prove useless, to another. But it’s worth taking a moment to analyse your business’ needs and determine what will best suit your company in particular. Hopefully, the above information will help you to get the ball rolling in the right direction!

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