5 Reasons Business Travellers Love Serviced Apartments

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According to One Touch Property Investment serviced apartments are becoming more and more popular. They claim that much of this increase can be attributed to globalisation and the need for business staff to travel more regularly between office locations. Why do business staff prefer serviced apartments to other alternatives such as staying in a hotel or guesthouse though? Read on for our list of 5 reasons why serviced apartments prove to be popular with business travellers.

  1. Apartments offer space

Also, The Association of Serviced Apartment Providers claims that serviced apartments offer on average up to 30% more space than a hotel room. When you consider that a serviced apartment offers you a kitchen and a living room as well as the bedroom and bathroom you get with a hotel room, you can easily see where this extra space is. When you are staying away for a good length of time, as business travellers often do, it is so much more comfortable to not be confined to the same four walls all the time.

  1. They cost less money

Readers of my blog will know that I am very serious about ensuring business expenditure is cost-effective. It is estimated that serviced apartments rented out on a weekly basis cost up to 45% less than a standard hotel room. It just makes good business sense, therefore, to use a serviced apartment wherever possible.

  1. They offer home comforts

Apartments such as those offered by City Suites Edinburgh Apartments can really feel like a home away from home. When you rent an apartment you will have a fully furnished kitchen and a dining area so can cook your own meals and have somewhere to sit and enjoy them. A serviced apartment provides you with somewhere where you can relax and get on with work peacefully without being cramped up in one room.

  1. They provide privacy

Renting an apartment means that you can come and go as you please. There is no checking-in in a crowded hotel reception and you don’t have to eat breakfast at a pre-prescribed time in a room full of other diners. You can dine in the privacy of your own apartments for rent in dallas tx and won’t have anybody watching your comings and goings. There are also no worries about paper-thin walls such as those that hotels often suffer from. You won’t need to worry about noise from guests in adjoining rooms nor will you need to worry about any noise that you make.

  1. Flexibility

When you rent a serviced apartment you can enjoy the flexibility to do as you wish, when you wish. You can, for instance, invite over as many guests as you like. You could even host business meetings around the dining table in your apartment without worry about upsetting hotel staff. You are free to cook when you want, come and go as you want, and work whenever you need to thanks to wi-fi connections. Serviced apartments also tend to offer greater flexibility in terms of rental terms and notice periods, often allowing you to create a bespoke rental solution to meet the needs of your business.

By the way, I write this from a serviced apartment!

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