5 Out Of The Box Marketing Techniques To Improve Your Lead Generation

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Regardless of whether you own your own business, are self-employed, or a digital marketer for a firm – lead generation is probably one of the biggest struggles you have on a monthly basis. In fact, almost 63% of companies in America rank lead generation as one of their biggest struggles.

That’s because the average attention span of consumers is the equivalent of a goldfish. Which makes capturing their attention and creating desire for your product/service at the same time incredibly difficult.

The good news is that you are not alone. Through this article we list 5 pretty original ideas that can help you capture the attention of your audience and lead them down the sales funnel.

Ready to find out how? Keep reading:

Social Media Is Your Best Friend

79% of Americans logs onto Facebook on a daily basis. Instagram has over 600 million users. Never mind Twitter, Snapchat, and the newer version of Instagram Vero: True Social.

Why am I telling you this?

If your company is not already maximizing their leverage on social media – you are doing something wrong. In the digital era, this is where consumers, clients, and customers thrive. They vent their struggles. Brag about their wins and talk about their cats.

This is your number one asset to understand exactly what frustrations your target clients are facing on a daily basis. And even better, it is a great place for you to help them solve their daily frustrations for free. Which in turn will generate desire, and trust to your brand. It is also an opportunity to be completely present for your customers or potential clients. They’ll appreciate it if you’re able to respond quickly to their concerns.

Influencer Marketing Is Your New Best Friend

Chris Brown, Gary Vaynerchuk, CT Fletcher – all of these famous individuals are in different industries in life. But you know what they all have in common? They are influencers. People listen to them.

Did you know that word of mouth drives over $6 trillion in annual consumer sales? Which is approximately 13% of all sales in America… crazy stuff, right?

Which is where influencer marketing comes in the picture. Find influencers in your industry and

connect with them. Okay, it’s not a free marketing technique. But more often than not, you will 10x your investment due to the reach over social media platforms that these individuals have.

Networking Events Are Great For Building Brand Awareness

When is comes to lead generation tactics, networking marketing events can be a goldmine – if you go about them the right way. Not only will you be able to brainstorm with other successful entrepreneurs in your niche. But you will also be developing your brand authority.

Which in turn creates interest, building into desire… and hey presto before you know it – you have got more sales to drive your business one step closer to It’s financial goals.

Be Different – Consumers Are Tired Of Seeing The Same Marketing Campaigns

The problem in the digital era is people follow what works. When keywords boomed, marketers were there. When Facebook ads kicked but in terms of lead generation, and creating desire – everyone jumped on the boat…

Now consumers just want a break from the norm.

Why not take the opportunity to be their needed break? Something as simple as custom postcards could be a fantastic answer to not only develop interest in your brand, but also to build trust within your target audience.

You could also try direct mail campaigns (Something I will be doing in 2018 as well).

Create A Loyalty Program To Reward Customers

Loyalty programs are amazing when it comes to developing interest in a service or product. Whether you are offering a discount for each member added or giving financial benefits – it is a great way to develop more leads for what you are offering.

Customers who take part in the loyalty program will also develop more trust for your brand. Which means they are more likely to reinvest in the product that you are offering. Which means you can sit back, relax, and watch your profits increase.

Another benefit of loyalty programmes is the fact that it saves you a ton of money from a business perspective. Not many new startups realize the difference in cost between acquiring new customers and retaining old ones.

In fact, recent studies indicated that the cost of landing new sales is anywhere between 5-25 times the cost of keeping an old client interested in the business.

Bet ya want to look at loyalty programs now, right?

Whether you run your own business or you’re an employee, you want to attract potential customers to your business. Who knows, you may even be creative enough to think of other ways to hold the attention of your future customers. The possibilities are endless as long as you are persistent. Keep these tips in mind if you’re looking to improve your business. It may be difficult to make these adjustments at first – but you’ll be happy you went through with it in the long run.

Gil Artmoore: I’ve spent the past decade working various roles in IT departments for many businesses, small and large. Recently, I started writing out the things I’ve learned, experienced, and witnessed in the small business/tech world during my career. I am eager to share my insights with the rest of the world.

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