3 Practical Tips for Enhancing Your Confidence at Work

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Confidence is something that matters a lot in life, as a whole, and that’s why people are so keen on seminars and books that give them effective insights into how to boost their own conference.

When you are more confident, you are bound to be more outgoing both personally and professionally. You will be more resilient to stress, and will feel less shaken by challenges and irritations. You will likely be happier, too.

There are all sorts of things you could do to enhance your confidence at work, not least of all ensuring that you always do the best job you can do, and constantly work on developing and refining your skill set.

Here are a handful of practical tips that you can start acting on right now, to enhance your confidence at work.


Improve your posture (even if you don’t feel like it)


Next time you’re shopping for computer chairs for office use, you should really pay attention to the ergonomic design of those chairs, and ask yourself whether or not the chair you are considering will help to improve your posture.

When all is said and done, improving your posture is one of the best things you can do with regards to boosting your overall sense of confidence. In fact, research has shown that people’s hormone balance changes when they adopt different postures, and that people assuming more confident postures perform better in job interviews.

So, make a point of sitting upright at work and maintaining good posture even – or maybe especially – when you don’t feel like it.


Get in the habit of taking action and developing momentum as quickly as possible


One of the best things for building confidence is confronting and overcoming obstacles. When you are in motion, and getting things done, it’s much easier to believe in your abilities and to feel good about yourself both professionally and personally.

On the other hand, when you sit around overthinking and ruminating about things, you are likely to talk yourself into a state of doubt, uncertainty, and a lack of confidence.

Get into the habit of taking action as quickly as possible – even if it’s just something small – and then developing and feeding off the momentum of that initial action.


Pay attention to your habits, and work to reduce or balance those that cause anxiety


In some sense, confidence and anxiety are more or less at opposite ends of the spectrum. 

By definition, a state of anxiety is a state where you feel nervous, scared, worried, and uncertain about things. A state of confidence, on the other hand, is a state where you feel capable, in control, relaxed, and ready.

There are all sorts of habits that you might engage in on an everyday basis that can drive up anxiety, ranging from consuming caffeine and nicotine, to getting too little sleep and not eating enough food.

Pay attention to your habits, and try to notice which ones seem to contribute to anxiety. Then, take steps to reduce or balance those anxiety-promoting habits, so that you have more room for the kind of calm confidence that gets things done in a positive way.

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