8 Thing You Really Shouldn’t Do When Bored

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It’s mid-afternoon and you’re starting to feel the inertia of boredom set in. You’ve already exhausted your go-to activities for passing the time, so what now? Before you jump into any activity, it is important to keep in mind that some of them can be detrimental to both your wellbeing and financial health. Here are 8 things not to do when bored.

  1. Retail Therapy – Going on a shopping spree might seem like a great way to beat boredom, but this kind of ‘retail therapy’ can quickly become an expensive habit. Case in point: Gina had been feeling down and bored for days so she decided it was time for a little retail therapy. She ended up spending hundreds of pounds on items that she didn’t need or use within days of buying them. As a result, her bank account took a major hit which only added more stress and pressure upon her. Shopping is fun, but be mindful of your budget and think twice before making impulse purchases out of boredom.
  2. Compulsive Gaming – Video games may offer an entertaining way to pass the time but they can also become addictive if you don’t control yourself properly. If you find yourself wanting to play video games every day or even multiple times per day just because you’re bored, then it’s best to take a step back and reassess your habits instead of continuously feeding into them. For instance, Daniel was so used to being bored that he would spend hours playing video games as soon as he got home from work every day – even though he had other tasks that needed doing such as cleaning his house or catching up with friends and family over Zoom calls. He eventually realised how much time he was wasting each day by compulsive gaming and eventually cut back on his game time significantly – allowing him more free time for other activities.
  3. Comfort Eating – Boredom often leads us towards unhealthy eating habits such as comfort eating – where we consume large amounts of food without really being hungry at all! It may seem like an easy solution at the moment but overeating can lead long term weight gain as well as temporary feelings of guilt afterwards due to binging on junk food snacks or sugary treats excessively often because we have nothing else better to do with our time! So if you find yourself reaching for food out of sheer boredom try finding healthier alternatives such as going for a walk outside instead – or simply wait until hunger kicks in before snacking again. Try Intermittent Fasting instead.
  4. Hoarding Clutter – One common activity people tend to turn towards during periods of boredom is collecting random items around their house or apartment – anything from old clothes that no longer fit, books they won’t read again, kitchen gadgets they will never use etc… This kind of clutter not only takes up valuable space around your home but it can also add extra stress due to having more stuff than necessary cluttering up the place unnecessarily! Instead try decluttering regularly by disposing unneeded items responsibly – this will help create a calmer environment while also providing an interesting task for beating those moments where we just don’t know what else do with ourselves!
  5. Social Media Addiction – We live in an age where social media has become almost unavoidable; however this doesn’t mean that we should rely on it too heavily whenever we get bored! Constant scrolling through feeds filled with other people’s lives can lead us down paths where envy starts taking over our emotions; leaving us feeling worse than before we started scrolling in the first place! So if you catch yourself getting lost in endless swiping sessions aimlessly trying fill empty hours with constant refreshments then it may be time take some offline breaks away from technology altogether (even if its just for half hour!)
  6. Watching Too Much TV – Television shows are great distraction tools when done moderately; however there is always potential danger lurking behind binge watching episodes late into night due solely out pure boredom alone! While these types escapism are fun at first; eventually one can start developing feelings loneliness due lack real life human connections taking place during extended periods spent glued onto screens alone instead interacting directly with others face-to-face (or virtually!) So make sure not forget reach out friends and family members every now again while keeping regular breaks between TV sessions throughout day too!
  7. Gambling – Gambling when we are bored is a dangerous habit to develop. It can lead to serious problems such as an addiction, debt, and even criminal behavior. When we gamble when we’re bored, it can be an easy way to pass the time and temporarily alleviate boredom. But the money that we gamble with may not be money that we can afford to lose—it can quickly add up, leading us into financial trouble. Gambling can also become a form of escapism from reality. We might find ourselves trying to escape our lives or forget our problems through gambling, but in doing so, it makes us vulnerable to making poor decisions and putting ourselves at risk for more serious issues in the future. We should also consider how gambling affects our mental health. It can cause anxiety, depression, and even suicidal thoughts in some cases. The combination of boredom and gambling can create a heightened sense of excitement which could lead us to make rash decisions without considering consequences or alternative activities that we could do instead.
  8. Unhealthy Coping Mechanisms – In our attempts manage overwhelming levels stress caused repeated episodes unfocused energy caused by boredom; sometimes resort unhealthy coping mechanisms order cope including smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol excessively relying prescription medications order fill void. All these methods short-term fixes which might provide temporary relief symptoms however ultimately cause greater damage body mind long run. Therefore always consult professional healthcare provider order determine best plan action tackling deep rooted issues head rather opting fast solutions which could potentially cause further complications future.

In conclusion, all forms boredom should taken seriously since they usually indicate underlying mental health issue needs addressing sooner rather later order prevent negative cycles continuing spiral downwards. Try staying mindful upcoming triggers reoccurring cases restlessness using alternative remedies such exercise mindfulness meditation order tackle problem head stay productive while also maintaining positive mindset along way too!

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