Self-Employed? Here’s How to Help Your Business Look the Part

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Being self-employed is fantastic. You answer to nobody but yourself. You can work when you want, and sometimes you can work wherever you want. However, self-employment also means you need to do everything yourself. Bills, taxes, invoices, and orders are all your responsibility, and so is marketing.

It can be a challenge to market yourself, and if you’re only just starting your self-employed career, you may not know where to start. But without an excellent marketing strategy, you cannot bring in business, and without any business, your company is doomed to fail.

Get Personalised Transport

If you provide a trade service such as painting and decorating, plumbing, or work as an electrician, personalised transport is a fantastic way to get your name out there and make clients and customers take you seriously.

You can search local dealerships for used Vans and find options for you to lease vehicles on finance, and at the end of your contract, you can decide whether you want to keep it or upgrade to a more recent used model.

Your name, logo, phone number, and email address printed on the side of a van, car, or lorry ensures free advertising, and no matter where you go, you’ll have people who spot the name who might need your assistance.

Develop an Online Presence

With so much browsing and research completed online, a website and social media presence are essential. For many customers, this will be their first point of contact with you, so you’ve got to make an excellent first impression.

Keep your website up to date and post regularly. If you have examples of previous projects, make sure you include photos or videos of what you can do to entice your future clients further.

Social media will also help people get in touch with you directly so that you can respond to any questions immediately.

Give Them A Reason to Remember You

There are a lot of self-employed workers in the world, and for some clients, they are all pretty much equal. When working with a client for the first time, give them a reason to remember you.

You should provide top-quality service, but also think about how you can stand out against others. Offer deals or discounts, work closely alongside them during the project, and offer perks such as free revisions (useful for freelance writers and artists), or send a note following the completion of the work, thanking them for their business.

Being Human

Your brand and skill are not the only selling points; you’ve also got to consider how you come across to clients. If you are rude, cold, or seem disinterested, they’ll not want to work with you, so being human is essential.

Get to know them and ask about their day. While you’re there to do a job, you don’t have to talk solely about work. Being human will help endear you to them, and this could lead to more business in the future. However, don’t be too friendly, as this could cross the boundaries of professionalism.

Looking the Part

Any company must look the part if it wants to succeed, and with these ideas, both easy and a little more complicated, you’ll be able to attract clients to your self-employed small business with ease.

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