How a PEO Company Can Improve Your Productivity

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Productivity is a crucial component of any successful business, and when you’ve hit a wall in your productivity, it’s time to hire a certified PEO service to address the issues at hand. Whether you’re just having trouble with turnover, training, or risk management, a PEO service can manage and improve your HR department and make things that much simpler for the business as a whole. Here’s how a PEO company can improve your productivity, and why these co-employment options are preferred by so many small businesses across the country.

Better Training Programs

If you’ve ever worked for a company with a poor training program, you probably felt the effects almost immediately. Poorly-trained employees don’t function well on a team, and likely aren’t confident in their own ability to perform their jobs. Productivity can take a serious blow when your training program is suffering, but a PEO service can take over onboarding and training for a more thorough and accurate process.

Training is paramount to safety and compliance as well. Employees that don’t get proper training may have a legal case if they’re hurt on the job, and the fault can fall with your company’s failure to properly educate them on the correct procedures. In especially dangerous industries, training is absolutely crucial to workplace safety and meeting not only OSHA but government standards as well.

A good training program will help you attract better candidates as well, as employees will be more satisfied and confident in their jobs. Potential candidates like to see that a company makes an effort to properly train its workers, as it says a lot about how that organization views its employees.

Safer Conditions

With better training comes safer conditions. Your PEO company will not only make the company a safer place to work by training more effectively, but also by conducting internal audits and ensuring that you remain in compliance with all safety standards set by the government, OSHA, or any other industry-specific reporting agency that you need to remain in compliance with.

Make no mistake; safety should be your top priority, especially if you’re operating in a risky industry like construction, manufacturing, or other physically-demanding sectors. If you fall out of compliance with safety requirements, you’re creating an unnecessary hazard for both you and your employees.

While the employees are on the front lines, and therefore, more likely to incur physical harm in a hazardous environment, the backlash alone from such an even can cost your company money and a blow to your reputation.

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Risk Management

Risk is something that every business has to deal with, no matter how “safe” the industry may seem. Companies that operate in “safe” industries make the mistake of thinking that the term risk only entails the risk of injury, but, in fact, it applies to a number of business functions. There’s financial risk, among other things, and the number of things that factor into your risk assessment are numerous, to say the least.

The PEO service will offer a comprehensive risk management program for your business, and work with organizations such as The Bureau of Worker’s Compensation on your behalf. If you’re having trouble analyzing or addressing risk, you might need a PEO service.

Happier Employees

What’s the best medicine for poor productivity? Employees who are excited for and happy with their jobs, of course! How you treat your employees has a massive effect on the business as a whole, and when employees aren’t happy, no one is happy. An unhappy employee will give less than 100% effort on a daily basis, and your entire business can suffer from just one of these types.

A PEO service makes payroll, onboarding, safety, and training simple and of a higher quality. This can make for happier, better-trained employees, who will be happier with their place in the company and confident in their abilities as a worker. Don’t underestimate the power of just one happy employee, as this happiness can often be contagious and ignite new motivation in their coworkers.

Streamlining HR Tasks

The HR department is an integral part of any business, but often, small businesses simply don’t have the resources to create and maintain a great HR department. When you outsource these services with a PEO, you’re working to bridge the gap between you and your employees; creating a safer, more productive and efficient workplace that they can be proud to work in.

Streamlining your HR tasks will help you save time and money as well, allowing you to spend less time worrying about things like compliance and taxes, and more time on what you really want to be doing: growing your business!


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