2020 Key to Social Media Marketing

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As we skate into a new decade, we can expect a lot of changes – not least in terms of our marketing campaigns. Although Social Media certainly isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, the way that we use it will undergo a transformation in 2020. Whether you’re selling banners like ultimatebanners or, your services as a consultant, social media will be more important than ever this year. This transformation will take a number of forms but, for many brands, the key to successful social media will be in the three-pronged attack. Here, we’ll take a look at the new holy trilogy of social media marketing.

The Father

The first stage of the trilogy will be the public stuff. Brands will be using public feeds to broadcast their marketing message and to entice customers. This means researching and creating content to post on social media and increasing engagement through offers, competitions and more. This first stage has two goals – to attract attention and turn interested parties into paying customers and, to collect valuable data from the new customers. If the trilogy is a house then this important stage is the foundation.

The Son

Now that you have the data collected from stage one, it’s time to take things to the next level. This means reaching out to customers on a private level. This will be done in a number of ways including:

  • Email
  • Telephone
  • Private messaging
  • Text messaging

The aim here is to first remind customers of your brand and how great your product or service is. The second aim is, of course, to make them buy more. Brands will use this second, private level to connect with customers on a more intimate level and to offer increased value. This can be done by introducing discounts and offers which can be had by signing up to a newsletter or similar marketing outlet and by giving up more personal data. At this stage, you’re all about turning those casual or ‘on the fence’ customers into more loyal and connected ones.

The Holy Ghost

Brands who have successfully completed stages one and two will now find themselves in possession of a really strong datalist of customers and, will have set up a strategy to keep in touch with those customers on a regular basis. With this locked down, stage three is about automating the easy stuff. By getting hold of a tool such as Mailchimp, you can create and schedule social media posts and engagements. You can also invest in a bot to respond to simple messages on social media. By automating the straightforward bits, you then leave yourself free to concentrate on your stage two customer engagement.

Social Media is so much more than just posting adverts about your product. Used properly, it is a portal which allows your customer to engage with your brand directly to increase loyalty and, say it with us, sales!

This article was contributed by ben. You can visit his website here https://ultimatebanners.co/roll-up-banners/. Ultimate Banners are the premier British printer and sign maker based in Birmingham UK.

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