3 Ways Regularly Spending Some Alone Time in Nature Can Benefit Your Business

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When people think about what it takes to make a success of a business, or to really gain the edge as an entrepreneur, they often come to focus on stuff like the sheer grit to turn up at work early each morning no matter what, or an unwavering commitment to customer service.

Certainly, these things are important. But there’s also a pretty compelling argument to be made that a lot of what gives some of the most successful entrepreneurs their edge, is the fact that they allow time and space for new perspectives and insights to arise, and for contemplation to kick in.

Specifically, there’s good thing reason to think that regularly spending time alone in nature — whether in rurally-situated Elite Systems modular buildings or in a tent — might be a powerful performance hack.

Here are some ways regularly spending time alone in nature can benefit your business.


  • By de-cluttering your mind and allowing you to see things more clearly



In his book, “The Shallows,” author Nicholas Carr makes a strong case for the idea that the modern world with all of its information surplus and rapid-fire novelty essentially “clutters” our minds and keeps us from being able to really process any given topic on a deeper level.

Spending time alone in nature (with your phone on airplane mode) removes you from the never-ending high-tech noise that characterises so much of life today. With just the rustling of the trees and your own thoughts to keep you company, you’ll be much better able to see things more clearly.

In this context, insight and inspiration for your business will likely come much easier.


  • By putting you back in touch with what’s truly meaningful in life, and granting you a greater sense of perspective



An entrepreneur is always at risk of veering off into burnout and waking up one day to discover that the dream they’ve been pursuing so hard has turned out not to be half as fulfilling as they thought it would be.

In order to keep yourself properly oriented, and in order to keep your business properly aligned with your values in life, it’s necessary to get back in touch with just what those values are on a regular basis.

Time spent alone in nature naturally lends itself to introspection. When you’re not worrying so much about the specific challenges of the day, you can take a more holistic view of how things are going for you, personally and professionally.

Does your business still inspire you? If not, why not? Can it be fixed, or is it time for you to turn your energies elsewhere?


  • By helping you to de-stress



As everyone knows, stress kills — and entrepreneurs often end up in stressful situations that can contribute to a wide range of mental and physical ailments.

In order to counteract this stress, it’s very important to find moments of tranquillity wherever possible, in order to recharge and repair.

Time spent in nature seems to have a naturally de-stressing effect in many situations, with research demonstrating all kinds of physical and mental health benefits apparently being linked to living in, and visiting, rural settings.

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