Tree Trimming & Pruning: How to Make the Best Work on Your Trees

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If you know the basics, you will be able to do this yourself. We come with tips and tricks to make your life easier. If you have the right equipment, you can prune your trees and keep their appearance clean – they’ll also look healthier, andyou’ll get rid of potentiallydangerous branches (like dead branches).

If you want to do more than just the basics, you might want to hire a local professional such as Rich’s Tree Service are the kind you need.

Why should I trim my trees?

First of all, safety

Those branches that are broken or dead can fall off anytime, and can also injuresomeone. Or they can grow too close to the utility lines. According to pruning services in Adelaide, you should make sure you get in touch with the utility company and let them handle these kinds of situations. Also, if the branches of your tree block your vision while you drive, they should be trimmed away.

Second of all, health

If you have an infected tree, but you know how to prunit away, then you might save it. By thinning the crown of a tree, you can improve the airflow, and this thing is very important. Also, if the branches are crossing each other, you should trim them or, better, get rid of them.

And then there’s aesthetics

If you prune a tree, you’re maintaining it best, with its overall appearance and shape. However, that doesn’t mean that you need to force an unnatural shape on a tree. If you trim it more than you need to, then you can damage the tree reallybad.

Tree trimming tips

Make sure you trim it during its dormant season. It’s true, you can prune it at all times, but it’s better if you listen to this tip. There’s only one exception: when there’s a possibility of the branches to fall unexpectedly.

Make sure you reallysee the size of the branch you’re about to remove. If it has less than 5 cm in diameter, you can goahead and trim it. If it has more, don’t do it yourself. And if it has more than 10 cm, then you should only do it if you have a very good reason.

Make sure you only trim those branches that have V-shaped, narrow angles. Keep those branches that are U-shaped.

After you’re donepruning, the ratio of the crown to the tree height should be of two-thirds.

The branches should be pruned away when they are young, due to the fact thatthey are easy to manage them, and you won’t leave scars, either.

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  1. Hi Simon, one my my friend visited my home last week and he advised me to get the trees pruned present in the backyard. Since he didn’t have much time, we couldn’t discuss more the same and looking for the reasons to prune the trees, I stumbled on your blog. Thanks for sharing this amazing resource and has educated me a lot on tree trimming.

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