How to Be Wildly Successful: 5 Secrets All Outstanding People Have In Common

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A guest post by Helen Birk.

Success can be achieved by obtaining features of outstanding leaders. The main and most important one is a combination of love to their occupation and impressive incomes. Does success define your bank statement of overall satisfaction with your life?

No one will answer a big question but you. In spite of this, outstanding people like Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, have similar features, which might help you to understand the way to your success. What do all successful people have in common?

1. Outstanding team

Successful habit is to hire the right people. The list of habits for successful people can be long, but only a few of them are useful for small or big business. No matter how motivated, smart, organized, and structured you are, it will be almost impossible to build a successful corporation alone. If you have an idea to create a professional capstone project writing service, you will have to hire writers, editors, managers, and financial specialists. For that reason, a smart leader knows how to find the precise workers and create a beneficial team. This is a critical element with two aspects:

  • Finding professional, confident and motivated specialists;
  • Building a team.

Both aspects are working together and don’t exist without each other. All the outstanding leaders we know have big corporations filled with skilled, experienced, smart and reliable team players. They also have an internal policy, branding, and atmosphere. All this is a result of hard work.

Finding co-workers

There are five positions you have to fill:

  1. You
  2. Financial Specialist
  3. Strategist
  4. Executor
  5. Expert

Each of these aspects can contain from one person to the whole department. It is a skeleton of a wildly successful company. The ability to shift work and responsibility will open doors to new horizons.

Creating a team

As it was mentioned before, skilled and high-quality specialists are barely useful without motivating leader and correct organizational responsibility. The team must function together as a single mechanism. With the proper managements, cooperation, communication and work load you will receive valuable feedback from the successfully operating corporation.

2. Leading and convincing abilities

Most successful men have the ability to convince others. It is not enough having an outstanding idea, which might seem fresh, innovative, genius, real, and perfect. The first step in its realization is convincing others of its importance. All outstanding people have this feature in common. Some people associated Steve Jobs with a boa constrictor that intends to attack a rabbit. He hypnotizes his victim with a powerful glance with no blinks. This is a good tactic for a leader. If to think of a rabbit as of a audiences’ attention, then this is what a good leader must do.

Protect the idea

What makes someone successful? Not only the idea itself, but also the way of its realization and defense. Some say that all ideas have been already generated. In other words, it is impossible to implement something that no one was thinking about before. Therefore, each author of the idea must protect it and convince other to do the same.

3. Planning and strategy generating

No success is possible without a plan. The plan and the strategy are the half way to the realization of both small businesses and corporations. Planning requires much time and efforts. By writing down every detail together with deadlines and ways of realization successful businessmen creating a basement for their business. A plan includes a strategy. As well as a plan, it must be written in details. The strategy includes ideas and ways of reaching goals stated in a plan and also an alternative behavior when something goes wrong. Each outstanding leader has its own strategy.

4. Love the occupation

Steve Jobs loved what he was doing, Elon Musk spends time projecting together with engineers, Bill Gates was sure that a person could spend 14-20 hours per day working only on what he or she truly loves. Occupation or its main idea should bring happiness. Not all people are working on the dream jobs and doing exactly what they want, and this is a normal situation. Outstanding leaders are led by their passion. They can lose the count of time by doing what they ought to do. It doesn’t mean that running a small business or corporation is an everyday pleasure, but a hard work that includes falls, stress, enormous working hours. Outstanding leaders are ready for these difficulties because they want not only money but also to realize ideas and continue doing what makes them happy.

5. Getting up after failures

Each leader of a big corporation experienced failures. Elon Musk had wasted three rackets and all his money before successful orbital shot with a return. During this period, his wife left him. Steve Jobs was fired from his own company. As we know, all of them succeeded. The ability not to stop trying after you have lost everything is essential for outstanding leaders. There is no success without handwork and failure. The better you are prepared for such situations, the faster you will turn things into a normal direction after a big stress. Bed experience is inevitable. The question is how strong your will is.

Helen Birk is a writer for Edubirdie AU and business consultant with a psychological knowledge. She studies psychology and can explain the aspects, which influence successful business. Many companies and start-ups recognize her tips and skills. In her blog posts, she is trying to promote simple aspects or features, which are helpful for the first steps of creating a big corporation.


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